Fundraising tech/Update Thank You Emails

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How to update Thank You email templates[edit]

  • Run on a development machine with the wikimedia/fundraising/crm installed and configured.
  • cd crm/drupal
  • To update templates for all languages
    • drush -v -v make-thank-you
  • To update just a specific language template
    • drush -v -v make-thank-you --languages=fr
    • Use lower-case version
  • Look for any unconsumed tokens: "Bad news, you have errors." This check can be run separately if you wish, using "drush find-unconsumed-tokens".
  • The changes will be written to sites/all/modules/thank_you/templates/html/ under your wikimedia/fundraising/crm repo
  • Inspect the results and run the test GUI to email yourself if desired, at /admin/config/thank_you/test (no /civicrm prefix here, the TY sender is a drupal module).
  • Submit for review, then merge to the deployment branch.

TODO: document how to update to next year's letter, how to update TY mail subject templates.