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followCurrent Quarterly Goals[edit]

Wikimedia Technology/Goals/2019-20 Q1

The Next 3 Sprints[edit]

Sprint Name Dates Goals
Sprint B January 21st to February 4th Full recurring flow for adyen
Sprint C February 4th to February 18th Ideal for Adyen

Maybe matching gifts V2

Sprint D February 18th to March 3rd Ideal for adyen

matching gifts V2

Sprint E March 3rd to March 17th India bugs?

Q2 FY 2019-20[edit]

  • Support Fundraising Campaigns

Q3 FY 2019-20[edit]

  • Recover from holiday campaigns
  • Features:
    • Adyen recurring
    • Adyen IDEAL payments
    • Matching gifts V2 (added into main donation flow)
    • India support tasks

Current Fiscal Year Projects 2018-2019[edit]

Wikimedia Technology/Annual Plans/FY2019/TEC11: Support Fundraising Activities

CentralNotice Community RFPs[edit]

Campaign fallback, Sub-national targeting

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