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WikimaniaThe following is fr-tech's roadmap and historical records. This is currently a work in progress.

Current Quarterly Goals[edit]

Wikimedia Technology/Goals/2017-18 Q3

The Next 3 Sprints[edit]

Sprint Name Dates Goals
Sprint H April 10 - April 24 Ingenico 1 hour test
Sprint I April 24th - May 8th Ingenico
Sprint J May 8th- May 22nd
Sprint J May 22nd

Q4 FY 2017-18[edit]

Annual Plan Goal: Payment processor long term plan

  • Make Ingenico campaign ready
  • recurring bug bash and other features

Other possible features

  • Scope and/or start Contribution tracking
  • Performance project on CentralNotice

Current Fiscal Year Projects 2017-2018[edit]

Program 7: Payment processor investigation and long-term strategy

Program 8: Donor retention

Next Fiscal Year Projects 2018-2019[edit]

Outcome 1

Outcome 2

Outcome 3

Donation Interface[edit]

Central Notice[edit]


Payment Processors[edit]


  • Move all the meat there!


Something else?[edit]