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Starting the week of 10/07/2013 the Mobile Team will start using the deployment train. For the schedule please see Deployment Schedule


12 December, 2013[edit]


This page is intended to track changes to the MobileFrontend extension as they're deployed to the WMF cluster. For deployment procedures, see MobileFrontend deployment procedures.

5 December, 2013[edit]

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23 April, 2012[edit]

16 April, 2012[edit]

Various fixes

12 April, 2012[edit]

  • UX improvements to beta
  • Hook for Zero Rated Mobile Access
  • Improved mobile feedback page.
  • Some parts related to configuration cookies have been rewritten.
  • Persistent cookie handling changes to address bug 35843

4 April, 2012[edit]

  • Fix for ({task|T37686}})

2 April, 2012[edit]

26 March, 2012[edit]

  • Profiling improvements.
  • Tweaks to reference reveal feature
  • Revised footer
  • Better browser support for full screen searching

20 March, 2012[edit]

  • Real fix for bugzilla:31214 (see r113693)
  • Beta version has a first version of Reference Reveal
  • Styling changes to search results in beta
  • Minor CSS tweaks to released version including increase of font size.
  • Change in manual toggling of mobile/desktop view relying on cookies
    • Also removes explicit 'permanently disable mobiles site' as behavior is essentially duplicated by clicking ' desktop view' link
    • Blocker: | RT #2645 - "Have squids detect mf_useformat=desktop cookie and handle the same way as they do for 'stopMobileRedirect=true'"
  • prop=excerpts API has been replaced with more feature-rich prop=extracts.

15 March, 2012[edit]

13 March, 2012[edit]

  • Making the 'useformat=mobile' query param sticky when viewing the mobile site, making use of a cookie. (removed pending rewrite of desktop/mobile view toggling)
  • Minor CSS changes
  • fix for bugzilla::31214 (removed do to issue caught when testing on test.wikipedia.org)
  • fix for bugzilla::35116

8 March, 2012[edit]

  • In response to bugzilla:34144, decoupled MobileFrontend from total dependency on "en.m.wikipedia.org" hostname format.
    • Removed $wgMobileDomain
    • Added $wgMobileUrlTemplate for defining a hostname format that should be unique for mobile. Made usage of this optional.
    • Removed dependency on X-Device headers when generating mobile URLs. Mobile URLs will now properly be generated when using "useformat=mobile"
  • Added new API features:
    • Core action=parse has been extended with options to return pages in mobile-friendly formats.
    • prop=excerpt returns excerpts of article content either in plain text or restricted HTML.
    • action=mobileview to return page data in format suitable for mobile app/skin.
  • The MobileFrontend javascript and css files have undergone a large refactoring providing unit tests (bugzilla:30388) and various fixes that will hopefully lead to better maintainability such as using css as much as possible when it comes to sizing and positioning (see bugzilla:32175 for example).
  • Presentation fixes to reflect desktop site bugzilla:34711 and bugzilla:34686
  • Javascript has on the most part been separated from the html (see bugzilla:34422)
  • The mobile frontend extension now works without javascript disabled bugzilla:34025
  • A few minor usability improvements - search box now highlights when clicked bugzilla:19935 and the history page now redirects to the normal site bugzilla:31148
  • Addition of unsetVal() to WebRequest.php (see Special:Code/MediaWiki/112732)