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High Level[edit]


Cross domain tokens
'other suggestions' sometimes spill out of the content area when using 'Random'


Fix for mobile watchlist view
Adding watchlist styles
Styling clean ups
Localization change

Git log[edit]

commit 22822f65ba3d5c79d7b23f494037e6749951e0a2 Author: Brion Vibber <brion@pobox.com> Date: Wed Dec 5 11:21:37 2012 -0800

   Quick fix for mobile watchlist view failing on log entries.
   If there's no rc_this_oldid specified (as for log entries), then just link to the page
   rather than linking to Special:MobileDiff/0 which fails.
   Change-Id: Ie085ba22f71297c3accbae267aae9e5017d104ba

commit 87005d1d83e8775535b044f65603b2b48e9c49c3 Author: jrobson <jrobson@wikimedia.org> Date: Wed Dec 5 09:45:08 2012 -0800

   when $wgMFEnableResourceLoader disabled add watchlist styles
   these are currently dependent on resource loader support (currently
   not enabled on the cluster)
   Change-Id: I27631ada6859d6d2878df7c177eb8793113db3ab

commit d1cd0e15b40f094f0c812dd6b71a9a53491a4859 Author: jrobson <jrobson@wikimedia.org> Date: Tue Dec 4 18:07:01 2012 -0800

   make edit to local wiki using local token (bug 42709)
   the token for photo uploads is not necessarily the same as the
   token for article editing
   Patch set 2: changed tokenQuery to tokenCache which explains what it's
   for better (jgonera)
   Change-Id: I68a67431ccca7ae699f9e47e07fcbcd6b8d6cafc

commit b6b20fa6478264585f72ca6981147b314e00f515 Author: jrobson <jrobson@wikimedia.org> Date: Tue Dec 4 16:48:05 2012 -0800

   make hlist li inline block (bug 42704)
   this fixes the overflow in horizontal list shown in the list of random
   article suggestions in the latest random feature
   Change-Id: Ieaa23b0c5b34213c6ed2585476ce41d80d4a9c89

commit e6f833b28447bacaee814ace8aaf3e965fba6691 Author: jrobson <jrobson@wikimedia.org> Date: Tue Dec 4 13:15:06 2012 -0800

   add #content element to non-beta
   no reason why this should be beta only
   certain css rules expect its existence
   Change-Id: Ic4c88cdb0bc5c9dc0e93d84c4411f05953d4d8c3

commit 83d35a7ba27ffb778f924658b191a00f2e212c51 Author: Translation updater bot <l10n-bot@translatewiki.net> Date: Tue Dec 4 21:06:46 2012 +0000

   Localisation updates from http://translatewiki.net.
   Change-Id: If89ba5234856aa8ec8cf1d93c42a800b8ea0e63f