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Git Log[edit]

commit 8c42060513784e910d848b373c652b70db4e447d Author: Zeljko Filipin <zeljko.filipin@gmail.com> Date: Tue May 28 14:16:14 2013 +0200

   Updated Ruby gems
   Change-Id: Ifdf7e6361cc9e67f126864b27d4162c453863831

commit 22ac69db6ce2f4a2bae024f6c61861d469955653 Author: Translation updater bot <l10n-bot@translatewiki.net> Date: Sun May 26 08:43:12 2013 +0000

   Localisation updates from http://translatewiki.net.
   Change-Id: I9bf3810f61b5bdabded8a75834feddb3c63d7135

commit ccaa2430af0063061ea0c7f40b7b22d8b97fafa0 Author: Translation updater bot <l10n-bot@translatewiki.net> Date: Sat May 25 08:26:22 2013 +0000

   Localisation updates from http://translatewiki.net.
   Change-Id: Iefdab6af17a757c8742ccb0099de3f46fcfb93e0

commit f668d30279bc62d785eec0a5945e8810ab151359 Author: jrobson <jrobson@wikimedia.org> Date: Tue May 21 09:46:21 2013 -0700

   Beta: Story 435: Left nav grouping
   Separate left nav into two menus
   Old HTML tested with new CSS without problems
   Start convention of using _ prefix on temporary template data since
   zero team will need some indication of what is stable and what is not
   Change-Id: I45666d6a66c1b487dec157fce3ef30f8db93bfc5

commit fcfd78a2443c5fe4c20c81c79a4fbefa3de57d72 Author: jrobson <jrobson@wikimedia.org> Date: Wed May 15 12:35:08 2013 -0700

   Alpha: Use diff page for history
   Make history link point to the latest diff
   Add next and previous revision links to diff view
   Change-Id: I610b796c7a222c5a7840d84ff411fff72c29b14c

commit 4391c5c86d865469e81822f27f3b4a15403308f3 Author: Juliusz Gonera <jgonera@wikimedia.org> Date: Fri May 24 13:05:41 2013 -0700

   Fix white gaps around the photo CTA image in article lists
   This fixes the gaps in watchlist and nearby.
   Also switch to higher definition image
   Change-Id: Idc55346b6376b1b4717bfa030c4654ce3732b233

commit 8596bbeca5acdce8b9be8d41f012d6e7a69c6e8c Author: jrobson <jrobson@wikimedia.org> Date: Fri May 17 15:26:46 2013 -0700

   Story 484: Push nearby to stable
   Change-Id: I46c08e114b5f7f9866e7c07dadf815fda46be44a

commit 206e00c103381cb1fb5177ac532749ba32575d47 Author: Juliusz Gonera <jgonera@wikimedia.org> Date: Fri May 24 13:43:01 2013 -0700

   Fix a typo in new editor CSS
   This was missed during renaming "edit" to "editor"
   Change-Id: I790ae09f6a78ee3b09e3b395fabee61d44779107

commit 4edde6e31c8961cfaf2e113ff4c711b6501b08b7 Author: jrobson <jrobson@wikimedia.org> Date: Fri May 24 10:57:48 2013 -0700

   Bug 48758: Remove left rag hover effect
   With page images and a large add photo image this is no longer
   Change-Id: I8821c747bb14b52c1945f3e10e1f62cd77152a11

commit 0137c7d58492354d7a22e8ff81c44f85b95a8712 Author: jrobson <jrobson@wikimedia.org> Date: Wed May 22 15:06:01 2013 -0700

   Improve error handling when location lookup fails
   Do not try again, simply stop and complain.
   Adjust styling after discussions with May Galloway
   Change copy text after discussions with Jared Zimmerman
   Change-Id: If76c98e4843863d007e506dad27c5f0e7509dd11

commit 01c9e4f02d95490c1549e4f69e041f0f85f6164c Author: jrobson <jrobson@wikimedia.org> Date: Fri May 24 10:42:26 2013 -0700

   Kill dead CSS
   Change-Id: I2ae52a7bd5e691a95c420a3e724c283007ccf6e7

commit bc81759ffe5c7e3319ab8e004a1abe3d2ac65855 Author: Max Semenik <maxsem.wiki@gmail.com> Date: Fri May 24 14:17:13 2013 +0200

   Rm edit section links from extracts
   Change-Id: Ib0e28198abc1c935ba3793a0de318b68b942a457

commit 9df4d24e81b915d345a7fe58b6f66430a982d5d1 Author: Zeljko Filipin <zeljko.filipin@gmail.com> Date: Fri May 24 14:47:11 2013 +0200

   Updated Ruby gems
   Change-Id: I3de5a748172cbdf67e49ee90abfdcadbac023275

commit bcb188cdec6f87b1c6b663d3b35b62019087805b Author: Translation updater bot <l10n-bot@translatewiki.net> Date: Fri May 24 08:36:45 2013 +0000

   Localisation updates from http://translatewiki.net.
   Change-Id: Ie71d0c1f302a0f4375ace755fc064556e80104a4

commit e14cd8a2348dcdd1d888611f4fe01e09f108cf40 Author: jrobson <jrobson@wikimedia.org> Date: Thu May 23 10:38:41 2013 -0700

   Treat template banner data as an array.
   Change-Id: I5701293d173e0eaebb0583fe4329f598604164b5

commit 5222a79223fac2f29ddf6885cc9be4373c301321 Author: Juliusz Gonera <jgonera@wikimedia.org> Date: Tue May 7 17:33:33 2013 -0700

   (Story 486) Add new editor
   * Remove old editing code
   * Disable desktop editor (action=edit) altogether
   * Add editor api and overlay
   When a section is modified in the editor, it is staged to be saved after
   pressing the Save button. Each staged section is, for the time being, saved
   using a separate AJAX request.
   Change-Id: Ifaba7cb8ca6d9ae225c346e75e72110cd8a66f94

commit 77214e15473aaf4b56dec68b065823da67d6994d Author: awjrichards <arichards@wikimedia.org> Date: Thu May 23 16:39:18 2013 -0700

   Move desktop->mobile diff redirect logic from to Special:MobileDiff
   * somewhat generecizes desktop -> mobile redirect method in
   MobileContext for potential similar cases in the future
   * simplifies unit tests
   * Move MFMockRevision out of its own file into SpecialMobileDiffTest.php
   Change-Id: Ide0b9d13e2504c186c91640ce29466a0c3ef2d3e

commit c312c24e92199109f3849bdd5df614017dda9065 Author: jrobson <jrobson@wikimedia.org> Date: Wed May 22 17:32:02 2013 -0700

   Remove "Needs photo" text
   New asset renders this text obsolete
   Change-Id: If61aa823a581ed3cf938624e780d3d27f30003c4

commit 24d0222a3b3c32b23ee9fe1297c1a0e01f29f069 Author: jrobson <jrobson@wikimedia.org> Date: Wed May 22 12:48:22 2013 -0700

   Nearby back button tweaks
   Only load from cache when a hash is present (suggesting back
   button behaviour) if no hash present attempt a lookup
   When hitting back button return to previously clicked item
   Change-Id: I6c8e5793b153c399ea12d1f46c0bd6a1cb96e00f

commit d1b7332dc3f0e4d59543338b09655dd424501d2e Author: jrobson <jrobson@wikimedia.org> Date: Thu May 23 14:11:49 2013 -0700

   Hide Chrome when Wikipedia bookmarked
   Make Jared happy
   Change-Id: I9159e6639b21285a29f06f36530d56026fb06f72

commit 43781a1863707107e449522f31252e67142cbb5b Author: jrobson <jrobson@wikimedia.org> Date: Wed May 15 11:26:25 2013 -0700

   Redirect page diffs to Special:MobileDiff
   When diff parameter is passed
   Make Special:MobileDiff show diffs other than current to previous
   by allowing subpage to be of form <rev1>...<rev2>
   Deal with the fact diff can be prev or next.
   Change-Id: Id0c4b9b33e98f5caecdceaff48d1063bddea8339

commit 3d182efe62df5f075cdf559491648576f92c384c Author: jrobson <jrobson@wikimedia.org> Date: Wed May 22 12:45:43 2013 -0700

   Allow nearby to run at top to avoid flash of unstyled content
   RL nearby modules: Tweak dependencies and load position
   beta.common is only needed by page previews due to the requirement of
   the Page view and no longer needing animations
   Move nearby to top of page so that when loading from cache there is no
   flash of unstyled content
   Make sure nearby only runs when jQuery is ready
   Adjustments to navigation so it can run from top of page and to previews
   Change-Id: I434a81af904a9db896abc6eb635ee7be86a6d502

commit 9d82f52fe96344c49b7161a34a7cc7418060e4e8 Author: jrobson <jrobson@wikimedia.org> Date: Thu May 23 12:05:22 2013 -0700

   Return the history link
   Change-Id: I874a72c0360f4c235c8465146b7443d28c20b7f3

commit 3cfd3cadcf0721fa4a083e65c3aac06de7d2bba7 Author: jrobson <jrobson@wikimedia.org> Date: Mon May 20 11:36:15 2013 -0700

   Add FIXMES to Zero code
   Change-Id: Iae196225c5da00b95af70f0f7afdd4fd6d5ea286

commit 07802aa571c2ce5a3b11b3d9d05b46c9412424b6 Author: Translation updater bot <l10n-bot@translatewiki.net> Date: Thu May 23 05:41:44 2013 +0000

   Localisation updates from http://translatewiki.net.
   Change-Id: I125edc06b87dbf806712cd1e609eb4628805b825

commit 07442749483a5fa364097732837619626f219b4f Author: jrobson <jrobson@wikimedia.org> Date: Wed May 22 12:19:02 2013 -0700

   Nearby: Use new refresh icon asset and turn off animations
   Existing ajax loader is enough feedback
   Change-Id: I0e93d70d422deae81098dfdd45e46d37232a0c4d

commit eb5aa02bf251251937ee1bd2b3dc916ed10fa7c5 Author: jrobson <jrobson@wikimedia.org> Date: Wed May 22 12:15:23 2013 -0700

   Beta: Stop preview stripping image from nearby list view
   Minor bug fix
   Change-Id: I1aa22186118ed554124bb6a20b303a61497396ef

commit 56af05583061bad819769026a1e9a6816d9e612c Author: Juliusz Gonera <jgonera@wikimedia.org> Date: Wed May 22 12:06:06 2013 -0700

   Run all mobile QUnit tests
   Remove filter=MobileFrontend default so that all things that run on
   mobile (even if they don't belong to MobileFrontend itself) are tested.
   This increases the number of tests from 198 to 217 as of this commit, so
   there's no significant performance decrease.
   Also, add an optional argument to scripts/qunit.sh, so that you can
   filter the tests yourself when developing, e.g.
       scripts/qunit.sh nearby
   will only run tests related to Nearby.
   Change-Id: I3406aa2e950a7fd88818d7c847082249d287022b

commit 4d0a5a629bc3f7864022c24b829c27e6d9cb44c4 Author: jrobson <jrobson@wikimedia.org> Date: Tue May 21 09:31:19 2013 -0700

   Make nearby a discovery tool
   Incorrectly it was described as a personal tool
   Change-Id: Ie072444fdf36f2b73be2ce11762e831f2c228258

commit dd219b249aaa6e40bb48cd50bd34c21905bb96a4 Author: Max Semenik <maxsem.wiki@gmail.com> Date: Tue May 21 23:50:16 2013 +0200

   UserLogin --> Userlogin
   The latter is the standard casing. Not following it results in warnings in debug log.
   Change-Id: I40fbc18626be57ac4f166cdca975ba9de3030148

commit 8ee5fdf6954e2feaad42b35012e5230e92ad9bae Author: Translation updater bot <l10n-bot@translatewiki.net> Date: Tue May 21 05:53:59 2013 +0000

   Localisation updates from http://translatewiki.net.
   Change-Id: I1a199e40a826b24ace0d294a327e93cd4caaf4be

commit 2be455da85487fae654a1337b31476e4b654bee3 Author: jrobson <jrobson@wikimedia.org> Date: Mon May 20 15:21:33 2013 -0700

   Shift code from Template to Skins
   Stop using prepareData and prepareBannerData
   Logic belongs in the Skin class. Template class should be dumb.
   Change-Id: I73bc0387fb92fd66fe6389e6f09788b0f44c941d

commit 6f350cb159a0b9aced44608f1ec978582fed9ae3 Author: Max Semenik <maxsem.wiki@gmail.com> Date: Tue May 21 00:17:07 2013 +0200

   Rm unused variables
   Change-Id: I7e09b0504ab8c3d157091c28819b9dcf8698c40b

commit 325c4b24416796d8642afff1ee197280b9516f96 Author: jrobson <jrobson@wikimedia.org> Date: Fri May 17 11:10:57 2013 -0700

   Add hook to allow template tweaks before rendering
   Things like Zero want to override certain data keys. This allows
   them to
   	public static function onMinervaPreRender( $template ) {
   		$template->set( 'privacy', 'New privacy label' );
   		return true;
   Change-Id: I89a89e9994b074d066e2a318aad0a160a634d7ae

commit fecb702e63f9fce324228ca0c92da30eb7ed8db1 Author: jrobson <jrobson@wikimedia.org> Date: Fri May 17 16:27:58 2013 -0700

   Drop Skin from names of templates
   Far too confusing. I wonder if this is why skin code ended up inside
   Change-Id: I0e79c5899aa1bc5adc8e567b1d098e5534d75491

commit 3e4021dc3ab663b6b802b9267db0d38ef431f881 Author: jrobson <jrobson@wikimedia.org> Date: Fri May 17 15:51:25 2013 -0700

   Kill unnecessary template variables
   Change-Id: Ia249491cc649e9bd6018df9beaa10d467f2f7a1a

commit 60d7c17ffcc60b85ee7db49f5190d22b725c68ef Author: Juliusz Gonera <jgonera@wikimedia.org> Date: Fri May 17 15:29:48 2013 -0700

   Remove unnecessary CSS rule
   Already in mf-common.less
   Change-Id: Ib219503cfb583fa2ae0fd1624fad59d7d0392191

commit 797adf572b437806319b9ebdc4c342969ecfc819 Author: jrobson <jrobson@wikimedia.org> Date: Fri May 17 13:07:10 2013 -0700

   Tweak the nearby preview
   * Move heading out of header
   * Make the preview only show first paragraph and show the page image
   * Make the listThumb class more generic so it can be used in
   the preview
   * Update retrievePage to allow access to lead section only
   Change-Id: I372d76d54b48f50c2aeb614bc34c0ed1e9f8a033

commit 83d694bf706bd61748e72c7001ef444caeba5340 Author: Raimond Spekking <raimond.spekking@gmail.com> Date: Fri May 17 21:04:22 2013 +0000

   Revert "Localisation updates from http://translatewiki.net."
   Overwrites I58d4ff45518ac3e70c1c1ccbda82816ec89f0bef
   This reverts commit dc2b42f82b8d1e5421497048eb6594da758bcc0a
   Change-Id: Id652377b2b72efd7811ec28a24c81599bb50e855

commit dc2b42f82b8d1e5421497048eb6594da758bcc0a Author: Translation updater bot <l10n-bot@translatewiki.net> Date: Fri May 17 20:46:55 2013 +0000

   Localisation updates from http://translatewiki.net.
   Change-Id: I58d4ff45518ac3e70c1c1ccbda82816ec89f0bef

commit ceab7de1d9768a09522aac086fe48b2ef7808d56 Author: Max Semenik <maxsem.wiki@gmail.com> Date: Fri May 17 23:12:07 2013 +0400

   Add more profiling to mobile action=parse
   Will allow us to tell how heavily it is used
   Change-Id: Ie743466f79123e0df56640f0c44978dfcf9c5b12

commit 1ce808b5fd2e3a403c1531855f1b817b72b79d65 Author: jrobson <jrobson@wikimedia.org> Date: Fri May 17 12:08:23 2013 -0700

   Copy text tweak
   Change-Id: I5597a5b9fef3286f86aeaa265067d250959b3228

commit 4dc093a69ae10eff1c6a5827a1ffdf702536d944 Author: jrobson <jrobson@wikimedia.org> Date: Fri May 17 11:22:17 2013 -0700

   Bug 48513: Hide uploads of zero
   Hide them and only show them after that first successful upload
   Change-Id: If77c936125c7b715ae28261870279c9dddaf9328

commit 3cb7945169ff1835cb4592a97e090c9ce130f65a Author: Zeljko Filipin <zeljko.filipin@gmail.com> Date: Fri May 17 14:47:58 2013 +0200

   Updated parallel Ruby gem
   Change-Id: I22afc3b2007c383aceb54c543213c18175a475eb

commit 2244bbc3847d7db83cc1051f2938b52c4d589aeb Author: Zeljko Filipin <zeljko.filipin@gmail.com> Date: Mon May 13 11:59:53 2013 +0200

   Updated parallel_tests Ruby gem
   Change-Id: If18471ca8b4fe99c30d366febe7a3b8367ec092d

commit 5f451e2a347d8057fb1672aaf1e15533ebbd6186 Author: Siebrand Mazeland <s.mazeland@xs4all.nl> Date: Sat May 25 10:24:40 2013 +0200

   Fix spelling of JavaScript
   Change-Id: Ie487e3408802f76e383eec1a8e9b841cd86e0ecf