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High-level changes[edit]

Git log[edit]

commit 47f874ad33b31ac612f070db179487e635588094 Author: Translation updater bot <l10n-bot@translatewiki.net> Date: Sun Nov 4 21:21:26 2012 +0000

   Localisation updates from http://translatewiki.net.
   Change-Id: I193a305531c20acdecb0c4a47904af88127c4ecc

commit f558c756ebd7aae1f563f7647af36ef8cdca159b Author: jrobson <jrobson@wikimedia.org> Date: Thu Nov 1 15:08:38 2012 -0700

   use find rather than children
   there is no such thing as a table that is a child of a table.
   find is what was meant here
   this ensures that where a table.ambox has various table.ambox 's
   printed inside we throw it away.
   Change-Id: Ie7fe2b9ab9898685520846f204e3f7f03035953e

commit f44a2cd7f7f8987e1d7b29948f251b47b835152b Author: Translation updater bot <l10n-bot@translatewiki.net> Date: Sat Nov 3 23:22:12 2012 +0000

   Localisation updates from http://translatewiki.net.
   Change-Id: Id3c434c757118ed0635ea416bf2f066458b8d5c1

commit 3f463e4e9edae52b4c673c5a4dd5e2cbe0092192 Author: jrobson <jrobson@wikimedia.org> Date: Thu Nov 1 14:58:21 2012 -0700

   cleanup ui of cleanup templates
   * switch to link, change icons
   * add text to heading of the overlay
   Change-Id: Ib3e24340b5b4ef3083bb346ced60827999635492

commit 3eeb09ad7ef3796676873c781df5f0685f26b328 Author: jrobson <jrobson@wikimedia.org> Date: Thu Nov 1 11:38:05 2012 -0700

   remove more/less from footer
   Change-Id: I8c3261191a94a9f445e6dc02e9ead4d18b5037c1

commit 8b14d999607ffd8f221fc9261dbcc0d527e983ec Author: jrobson <jrobson@wikimedia.org> Date: Fri Nov 2 16:51:13 2012 -0700

   only initialise search module when on ui (bug 41669)
   check for #results and #search
   Change-Id: I2ae07aee753cb35a9063abad8628fcbc4f32f126

commit 954faa6bee00b5d2f26d79a6c24a32de9bb606a7 Author: Translation updater bot <l10n-bot@translatewiki.net> Date: Fri Nov 2 20:07:18 2012 +0000

   Localisation updates from http://translatewiki.net.
   Change-Id: Id35117c07d31c500dbc7cb8bc5af52d662e1abf7

commit 75620edd195df4b71136c335e44c3f6b7ba003d9 Author: jrobson <jrobson@wikimedia.org> Date: Fri Nov 2 08:41:14 2012 -0700

   remove left padding on overlay list items
   it makes the settings page look strange
   Change-Id: I20f07709bb379833110b422dcb09a17c80607ade

commit d6df4f771852d778d50d986a408e6270d6cc75b2 Author: awjrichards <arichards@wikimedia.org> Date: Thu Nov 1 17:09:20 2012 -0700

   Ensure that there is no potential for $class to be an unset var
   Also ensures that any returned message at least has the 'alert'
   class appended so formatting doesn't look completely busted if
   it's not an error message.
   Change-Id: Ibff849279d94c028e41f4b843b99b009227f8d68

commit 33a099ec602b957134df3c9b24d4715c75a04e7b Author: Max Semenik <maxsem.wiki@gmail.com> Date: Fri Nov 2 03:47:06 2012 +0400

   Minor stuff
   Unused variables, Doxygen warnings, etc.
   Change-Id: Ia0c02d1ae34be41a0a42a368dc86ca952470170b

commit 493380d3fb8f0dcc2f234c0a8490be952b1ce481 Author: jrobson <jrobson@wikimedia.org> Date: Fri Oct 26 14:59:04 2012 -0700

   make sure cleanup templates are re-initialised on a dynamic page load
   Change-Id: I0145a06edc4f7a39cf77d7e70b132e346523bd2c

commit 83652b08158af1407a3ce79b3325474d2364fc3d Author: jrobson <jrobson@wikimedia.org> Date: Thu Nov 1 13:45:50 2012 -0700

   add the word beta to the search placeholder
   this allows a simple way of distinguishing between beta and non-beta
   for the time being
   Change-Id: Id8ddc3bba54cf9c2d7241a8303b52b29c5df9643

commit 3320913fb59b8a834fe597a2d01123baf43271c3 Author: jrobson <jrobson@wikimedia.org> Date: Thu Nov 1 13:37:24 2012 -0700

   avoid printing empty lists (bug 41458)
   when list empty don't show it
   Change-Id: I18a347bdc09c55d2b596940ab8df68351a533b9f

commit 9d1423c001e62eae55c601bd183014d70d079836 Author: jrobson <jrobson@wikimedia.org> Date: Thu Nov 1 11:27:33 2012 -0700

   remove transitions from references
   these have given us issues in the past with performance
   Change-Id: I0d1f2a7d08409336da2144c88f882693cecc2701

commit e9247c4952131ba5e0f1e800fc6fe26f749e3a96 Author: jrobson <jrobson@wikimedia.org> Date: Thu Nov 1 11:26:33 2012 -0700

   rearrange notification css to make better use of less
   use mix-ins for border-radius and for box shadow
   use nesting
   Change-Id: Ic12dc713e94519f9ca7109c6a6180bec354f662d

commit fca27af6e5d98625d88544eac352699d483f5542 Author: jrobson <jrobson@wikimedia.org> Date: Thu Nov 1 11:20:37 2012 -0700

   lift and shift css from mf-references to mf-navigation
   Change-Id: I03830cf47082c5fdae79626cb54ce5b9d8fc82f8

commit ce35d39bc8be8434ab7f4399b58337534bcf9317 Author: jrobson <jrobson@wikimedia.org> Date: Thu Nov 1 11:11:46 2012 -0700

   rename mf-references to mf-notification
   now it is more generic lets give it a more generic name
   Change-Id: I85350879af058bd6b285651586fb2ea863ecba94

commit 4a8dccfa00f0e59cd7656470812906d32d8a9626 Author: jrobson <jrobson@wikimedia.org> Date: Wed Oct 31 17:27:31 2012 -0700

   when watch an article notify the user what happened
   adjust mf-notification.js to allow custom styling to
   div in notification box
   when watching/unwatching article show watchlist icon to left
   of message
   other changes:
   - adjust popup.show to allow the addition of classes to the
   notification box
   Change-Id: I985a88992cd08d585950a1047d416cde4da8b60e

commit 643c5c9e8b07b4f415e58b14a3fd9567fe569647 Author: Max Semenik <maxsem.wiki@gmail.com> Date: Thu Nov 1 13:08:41 2012 +0400

   Secure links to Meta
   Change-Id: Ibbc3bdbe29b6b9807f95b724450ce14bd656189f

commit e6af69c7a86ebec49eaba9d14752087523bc0e3c Author: jrobson <jrobson@wikimedia.org> Date: Wed Oct 31 17:16:04 2012 -0700

   rename to generic mobile.production-jquery
   the name is misleading
   Change-Id: I2d1817a1bd0b370e97b25355ce4a56385149d8a8

commit fd6bfeab00bf781f0c46d979fed4d355723a6547 Author: jrobson <jrobson@wikimedia.org> Date: Wed Oct 31 17:14:45 2012 -0700

   refactor reference code to provide generic popup
   this allows other modules to make use of the overlay
   Change-Id: Ibcf1f033816b253b3743431f72ecf9c869ee1bd8

commit 1a64afbd8d2f799f60e388eab97d02e3ca42f457 Author: jrobson <jrobson@wikimedia.org> Date: Wed Oct 31 16:51:53 2012 -0700

   remove unreachable reference code
   Change-Id: I233872c64aab359a07778fbd37dbeb532d2fd5b1

commit 7dfc83c6a8a40c980424ae3dd8cd1cd3ce625cea Author: jrobson <jrobson@wikimedia.org> Date: Wed Oct 31 16:41:16 2012 -0700

   code cleanup
   fix whitespace
   make use of chaining
   remove M.jQuery test (the existence of the file means jQuery is
   available... this should be enough)
   Change-Id: Ib28e34f8d2651513341c0a94287ca11eebb35a4a

commit e1724581514b70ef974bc1cbd37d77a01f9eee0b Author: jrobson <jrobson@wikimedia.org> Date: Wed Oct 31 16:37:59 2012 -0700

   kill animated options code with fire
   these are not used anywhere so lets kill them
   leave onClickReference which is used by app
   Change-Id: I925f9b4d3ee9b0766177b17a4ae761ca086218ae

commit cccdd08935c78f599d806182497b25038c47c2af Author: jrobson <jrobson@wikimedia.org> Date: Wed Oct 31 16:20:39 2012 -0700

   always leave a gap for a secondary nav (bug 41568)
   changing the style dynamically seems to cause issues rendering on
   certain webkit phones
   going forward we probably want to always show the secondary menu
   in some form so I don't see this as a big deal
   Change-Id: I8bdc153de6fb8f000c3e6225cb196e591f56824a

commit dcab6f51931050cdc56096810b1e385721763118 Author: jrobson <jrobson@wikimedia.org> Date: Wed Oct 31 15:49:57 2012 -0700

   clear existing watch icons in a container before creating a new one (bug 41604)
   otherwise we bind another click handler on a reload
   Change-Id: Ia05698090226e9284d0f68b0d495d9222e691f36

commit 35919bf4246aaaf4d74b32e0d043e99b6d315227 Author: Derk-Jan Hartman <hartman@videolan.org> Date: Wed Oct 31 12:20:04 2012 +0100

   (bug 41554) Add language attributes to "in other languages"
   Change-Id: Ie339b8edf9c3e40f5b66e7300e7d589642098f0e

commit 5fba4844deb9459b17b52c6f0d176080e67ea72a Author: Translation updater bot <l10n-bot@translatewiki.net> Date: Wed Oct 31 20:39:38 2012 +0000

   Localisation updates from http://translatewiki.net.
   Change-Id: I3bd20df677abb3a9c31c42d6b2f45909dd370094

commit dd1972b44e77e48ad63b348278e501bd21c8e59e Author: jrobson <jrobson@wikimedia.org> Date: Wed Oct 31 12:29:21 2012 -0700

   use hasOwnProperty when checking cache in getToken (bug 41570)
   watch is actually a function on the prototype of an object in certain
   see https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/JavaScript/Reference/Global_Objects/Object/watch
   Change-Id: I37a121bd86c7cef64107b47fbc54ca61ef34eb9c

commit 54dd9128830c8719254573197f71b963bb8e9204 Author: Max Semenik <maxsem.wiki@gmail.com> Date: Wed Oct 31 22:36:14 2012 +0400

   Deadbeef removal
   Change-Id: I2c7f5d652d77c4d9195ee68c8e1a1fdad5ffba47

commit a3c7f2168850281d186f86871ba6abe6fe095bc6 Author: Brion Vibber <brion@pobox.com> Date: Wed Oct 31 11:33:39 2012 -0700

   Partial revert of change Change I1f5fab58 (bug 41141), add config setting for previous behavior.
   Combined with setting $wgMFTrademarkSitename = true this will restore the previous behavior, while changing the default to not add TM/(R) on the sitename as a better default for third-party sites.
   Change-Id: If167ceb4f026de6562f7b5367d25ac23fe5527f7

commit 71f8865b104b82ab3ee36173d80aada95e587da0 Author: jrobson <jrobson@wikimedia.org> Date: Wed Oct 31 11:08:36 2012 -0700

   when enhanced edit area make sure you hide it so it doesn't appear twice
   I've added (via Maryana) a temporary hack in Mobile.css
   Change-Id: Ia4fd141980f84abea9750964ebf841ca29e26dd8

commit db1a2ab900b962a68ae1b3d25adb54686d3b5584 Author: jrobson <jrobson@wikimedia.org> Date: Tue Oct 30 15:00:36 2012 -0700

   align overlay heading into center
   Change-Id: Ie69e9046e46a4459dd27042411da74493c2049e2

commit a9b132c07c176347044ade2263fe9a0ad44b1430 Author: jrobson <jrobson@wikimedia.org> Date: Tue Oct 30 13:55:51 2012 -0700

   turn all special pages into 'overlays'
   * only style list and list elements in overlays if the the ul has class content
   * style div.content with same margins as article
   * add content_wrapper id to content in an overlay to distinguish it differently
   from overlays opened via javascript
   Change-Id: I59216dcfc00287e80306c8fc181e250f0516779e

commit a2d0865054341da80e6341d0fc5440b6729b7de0 Author: Derk-Jan Hartman <hartman@videolan.org> Date: Tue Oct 30 15:28:15 2012 +0100

   (bug 34878) Don't override columncount with auto, instead set width
   column-width takes precedence over column-count. So instead of
   !important'ing column count, just set width instead and the amount of
   columns will be automatic, depending on the amount of available
   horizontal space..
   Change-Id: Ie543e56998079afee6307dab8c0f8be692ef9ed3

commit 188f03ab0c9912fa96ed59612f62c7348a9ce743 Author: jrobson <jrobson@wikimedia.org> Date: Fri Oct 26 09:54:44 2012 -0700

   ensure settings link correctly validates when title has whitespace
   Change-Id: I461fc906260c9330711665fb59a68fc9e575a549

commit 3429e61276e69d6a9ac1ee8ee94e9c32962d1173 Author: jrobson <jrobson@wikimedia.org> Date: Fri Oct 26 10:46:07 2012 -0700

   allow user to try again when a page load fails
   Change-Id: Ie33aca9b6b1808a32a5d7d99caea8feed6831f68