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Wikimedia's Phabricator installation is used to track problem reports and feature requests related to MediaWiki code, other Wikimedia-specific components (such as extensions or tools), and Wikimedia wikis (such as Wikipedia).

Sorting and solving bug reports is a collaborative effort by users and developers of the community together with Wikimedia's bugwrangler.


Monthly activity update were made available under mw:Bug management/status. To follow current work, see the corresponding Phabricator tasks and workboards.

Activity scope

Bug management is a perennial activity. Anyone can contribute! Activities include:

  • coordinating, triaging, and organizing the current bug reports in Phabricator
  • writing documentation for bug management
  • communicating awareness of MediaWiki deployments

Also see Bugwrangler for tasks.


Note that this is work in progress. References to Bugzilla should be replaced by Phabricator.

For Bug Reporters

For Project Maintainers

For Developers

For Triagers / Bugsquad Community

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