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Wikimedia has many wiki pages (forums) where users provide feedback.

For average wiki users Phabricator might be harder to use, and developers cannot be expected to regularly take a look at all these forums. Anybody can help here by watching forums and forwarding well-reported valid bugs from the forums to Wikimedia Phabricator. This helps other users see that reporting issues in Phabricator is one important way of getting issues addressed.

Good practices[edit]

  • Copy issues when it looks like they are a bug in the software and when they have good instructions how to reproduce.
  • On many wikipages you can use the {{Tracked|T123}} template to visibly link to the Phabricator ticket 123. This raises awareness and avoids duplicated reports in Phabricator. In normal text you can use phab:123 to link to task 123. On some wikis it may be necessary to import the exported Template:Tracked.
  • To mark problems as FIXED, you can change the aforementioned template to {{tracked|123|fixed}} on many wikipages.

Feedback sources to check after software deployments[edit]

After the deployment of a new MediaWiki version to specific Wikimedia wikis (see the roadmap calendar, currently on Tuesdays and Wednesdays), forums on those wikis affected by the deployment should be checked more thoroughly in the 24 hours after the deployment, to quickly identify and escalate regressions.

Feedback sources to check daily[edit]

The following links should be checked at least once a day by bug management:

Feedback sources to check from time to time[edit]

These links should be checked from time to time by bug management:

For a complete list of wikis, check out the targets list for Global message delivery.


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