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This page is part of the MediaWiki action API documentation.

MediaWiki action API

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Get information about a list of users. This module cannot be used as a generator. This module is implemented by ApiQueryUsers.php.


  • ususers: A list of user names to get information for
  • ustoken: Which tokens to get 1.16+ (Deprecated in 1.24)
  • usprop: Which properties to get (Default: none)
    • blockinfo: Whether the user is blocked, by whom and why
    • groups: All groups the user belongs to
    • implicitgroups: All groups a user is automatically a member of 1.18+
    • rights: All rights the user has 1.17+
    • editcount: The number of edits the user has made
    • registration: The time and date the user registered at 1.13+
    • emailable: Whether the user can and wants to receive e-mail through Special:Emailuser. "emailable" element: if it is missing - user cannot be emailed, if it is present and is an empty string: user can be emailed 1.14+
    • gender: Tags the gender of the user. Returns "male", "female", or "unknown" 1.16+


Getting information about a list of users

Error Codes[edit]