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Библиотеки, поддерживающие API[edit]

Замечание для разработчиков ботов

  • Please use GZip compression when making API calls (Accept-Encoding: gzip).
Bots eat up a lot of bandwidth, which is not free.
Please include your username and wiki or email address.
  • Login has changed (April 2010)
See bugzilla:23076




  • JsMwApi A convenience wrapper around raw requests, with some helpers for editing and parsing.
  • mwapilib - A kind of crappy layer overtop of the requests. Make JS gadgets easier.
  • Luasóg - A framework of standard requests (e.g. log in, log out, read, edit, etc.) as well as a general wrapper method. Includes some helpful stuff like throttling. Project includes a rudimentary IDE for off-site development and execution.




  • RWikiBot - a Ruby framework using the API as released with the most current version of MediaWiki.
  • rbmediawiki - Another Ruby framework that uses the API.


There are many PHP frameworks for the api, see here for a full list and comparison of frameworks.

  • SxWiki - a lightweight, simple MediaWiki bot framework.
  • MediaWiki SDK - powerful MediaWiki API SDK.

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