Wikimedia Hackathon 2021/Participants

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The Code of Conduct for Wikimedia's Technical Spaces will be in effect at the Remote Hackathon, on all platforms and discussion channels. Please have a look at it and ensure you are willing and able to follow it.

Feel free to have a look at the list of participants below and add yourself! On this list, you can find other participants, discover more about their interests and projects, and contact people if you need help on a specific topic.

If you're willing to commit as a helper and support the coordination team, please check the documentation here.

Username Projects: what do you plan to work on? What are you interested in? Topics/technologies where you can help How to contact you Languages you can speak Time zone Would you like to help the coordination team, if so, in what role(s)?
Lea Lacroix (WMDE) Coordination of the event, trying new tools, formats, social events Wikidata documentation

Lexicographical data

By email:

On Telegram: @Auregann

fr, en CEST (UTC+2)
Pavithra Eswaramoorthy Coordination of the event, documentation, outreach programs Technical documentation Telegram, twitter, freenode: @pavithraes


English, Hindi, Tamil IST (UTC+5:30)
Gopa Vasanth I think I will hack more on the VideoCutTool or start a new project mostly on tools (You have Ideas? feel free to poke me) ReactJS, NodeJS, VideoCutTool, RevisionSlider English, Telugu IST (UTC+5:30)
Mohammed Sadat (WMDE) Coordination, Moderation, Social media
  • Lexicographical data
  • Wikibase
  • Email:
  • Telegram, Twitter: @masssly
dag, en, ha, tw CEST (UTC+2)
Amir Sarabadani Helping newcomers in technical work
  • MediaWiki
  • Wikibase
  • Wikimedia Infrastructure
  • Email:
  • Twitter: @AmirSarabadanii
fa, en CEST (UTC+2)
Joaquin (WMF) Coordination of the event, collaboration tools
  • Javascript
  • CSS & HTML
  • Wikimedia Cloud Services (Quarry, PAWS, Toolforge)
  • Email:
  • Twitter: @joakin
Español (es), English (en) CEST (UTC+2)
Neslihan Turan Coordination of the event, social events
  • Java, Android
  • SparQL, MediaWiki API
  • Commons
  • Email:
  • Twitter: @neslihannturan
  • Mastodon:
Turkish (tr), English (en) CEST (UTC+3)
Vigneron anything around Wikidata and/or Wikisource I can do online workshops for beginners for the Wikidata Query Service (SPARQL) or tools to edit Wikidata (QuickStatements and/or OpenRefine)
  • Talk page
  • Twitter: @belett
  • Telegram, Discord, etc.
fr, en, br CEST (UTC+2) Facilitation and documentation (notes taking)
Kizule Helping newcomers in technical work, welcoming them, technical support and etc.
  • MediaWiki
  • CSS & HTML
  • Wikimedia Cloud Services
  • Commons
  • Wikipedia
  • ... etc
Serbian and English CEST (UTC+2) Sure. Moderation and etc, there are a lot of things.
Lucas Werkmeister Wikidata or Wikimedia Commons things, anything tools related
  • Wikidata
  • Toolforge
  • Python
  • SPARQL / Wikidata queries
  • Telegram: lucaswerkmeister
  • Twitter: @LucasWerkmeistr
English (en), German (de) CEST (UTC+2)
Julius Tens Probably something with Wikidata
  • node.js
  • Wikidata
  • Twitter: @juliustens
  • Mastodon:
German (de), English (en), French (fr) CEST (UTC+2)
Majavah WMCS/Toolforge/Beta cluster infrastructure, CentralAuth WMCS/Toolforge/Beta cluster infrastructure, CentralAuth
  • Majavah on Freenode
  • Mastodon:
fi, en EEST (UTC+3)
MaxSem Rust on Toolforge
  • MediaWiki
  • PHP internals en, ru UTC+4
Tohaomg Have not decided yet what I'll be working on, but probably some JS gadget, C# bot, Lua module or Toolforge tool Lua modules and templates, C# bots, JS gadgets, SQL and sparql querries, SVG, web scraping, AutoHotKey, etc
ukwiki talk page
EEST (UTC+3) run social events
Jon Harald Søby (WMNO) Hopefully some Toolforge tool
  • Python, Javascript, Lua
  • i18n & l10n
Norwegian (nb, nn), English (en), ++ CEST (UTC+2)
Ainali Move a tool from own server to Toolforge Wikidata queries
  • Twitter: @jan_ainali
  • Mastodon:
  • Telegram: @Ainali
sv, en CEST (UTC+2)
GiFontenelle (or GFontenelle (WMF)) Anything related to GLAM-Wiki
  • GLAM-Wiki
  • Structured Data on Commons
  • Wikimedia Commons
  • Wikidata
  • Twitter: @giofontenelle
  • Telegram: @gifontenelle
  • Email:
Portuguese (pt), English (en) BRT (UTC -3)
John Samuel Wikidata, Structured Commons, Wikifunctions (Abstract Wikipedia)
  • Wikidata
  • Structured Commons
  • Tools
  • Talk page
  • Twitter: @jsamwrites
Malayalam (ml), English (en), French (fr), Hindi (hi) CEST (UTC + 2) Documentation
Yupik EDIT:What I had here has apparently been done <3 I will think of something else. Minority and indigenous languages, translation, terminology. The Telegram channel would be the easiest or drop me a line at the Northern Saami Wikipedia ( or the Inari Saami Wikipedia (
I'll also try to get around to freenoding my nick during the hackathon.
Languages, mmmm. GMT+3 (Helsinki)
Daniel Mietchen Scholia, Jupyter, Wikibase integration of Wikimedia and scholarly workflows Best ways to reach me are via my talk page on the English Wikipedia or via Twitter en-4,fr-4,ru-4,de-N, others CEST (UTC+2)
Andrew Lih (User:Fuzheado) GLAM Wiki, Wikidata,

Structured Data on Commons. Tools and techniques

for Wikidata/SDC ingest for GLAM orgs. Knowledge graph tools.

  • Python
  • PAWS/Jupyter notebooks
  • First timers trying to make the leap from batch editing to coding
  • Structured Data on Commons
On-wiki, Twitter and all major social media: Fuzheado en-N, zh-2, de-1 UTC-4 (US East coast) Training, tutorial, documentation - PAWS, bots or otherwise. Social events.
Joe (User:GLavagetto (WMF)) MediaWiki on kubernetes
  • Kubernetes/container
  • Production infrastructure
  • Python/php/go/ruby/bash/puppet etc.
  • Design/architecture
Phabricator: Joe, IRC: _joe_ it-N, en-4, fr-1, es-1 UTC+2 (EU)
Antonin Delpeuch (User:Pintoch) representation of Wikibase imports
  • OpenRefine
  • Wikidata
  • Toolforge
fr-N, en-4, de-2 UTC+2 (DE)
User:Hogü-456 Tool, for creating german compound Lexems of nouns, based on existing lexemes
  • Wikidata
  • SQL
de-N, en-1 UTC+2 (DE)
Susanna Ånäs Learn together, contribute to other projects
  • Jupyter to leverage tools
  • Structured data on Commons
  • Working with geographic data
  • Wikidocumentaries
  • Reconciliation
  • Vue basics
  • Tools design and workflows
  • Reconciliation
  • GLAM approach
  • Telegram, Twitter: @susannaanas
en, fi, and some skandinaviska (sv, no, da) and latin (fr, it, es) EEST (UTC+3)
Daniel Kinzler Work on:
  • coupling metrics
  • automatic refactoring
  • SiteInfo revamp

Learn about:

  • vue
  • docker/k8s
  • node
  • GraphQL


  • global templates
  • temporary user names (IP masking)
  • ...
  • New hook system
  • The future of the Title and User classes
  • ContentHandler, MCR
  • ParserCache
  • Core REST API (not so much RESTbase)
  • WMF platform engineering activities and roadmap in general
  • IRC: dues or duesen
  • Twitter: @brightbyte
  • Mail: dkinzler at
  • Phab: daniel
  • Wiki: DKinzler_(WMF)
de, en CEST (UTC+2) I can do Help Desk duty for backend programming stuff (extensions, core)

I can also do Q/As, Workshops, etc if anyone is interested.

Albin Larsson Stuff:
  • Wikidata
  • WLM
  • Pattypan
  • SDC
  • Maps
  • Maps
  • Wikidata
  • SDC
  • PAWS
  • Phabricator: Abbe98
  • Telegram: Abbe98
  • Wiki: Abbe98
  • Twitter: AlbinPCLarsson
en, sv, no UTC+2 Training, general help desk, ect
Alex Paskulin Interested in working on documentation tooling and learning about JavaScript (gadgets, Vue) Documentation, PAWS,
  • email:
  • telegram: apaskulin
English PDT (UTC-7) Documentation and note-taking
Sohom Datta Will probably work on ProofreadPage and Pagelist Widget and the documentation surrounding it. Will probably participate in discussions/ideas related to user scripts.
  • ProofreadPage,
  • Pagelist widget
  • Email:
  • Telegram: @sohom_datta
  • Wiki: Sohom data
  • Phabricator: @Soda
en, bn IST (UTC+5:30)
DerHexer interested in admin tool development, security, gadgets, Wikidata testing functions with my steward hat on
  • Email:
  • Wiki: DerHexer
  • Phabricator: @DerHexer
de, en-3, es-1 CEST (UTC+2)
Svantje Lilienthal improving MediaWiki, possibly working on real-time collab editing JS, PHP, python de, en CEST (UTC+2)
Christoph Jauera (WMDE-Fisch) Maybe... All projects related to WMDE Technical Wishes. (Browser-)Tests. MediaWiki in general
  • Email:
  • Phabricator/Gerrit: WMDE-Fisch
  • Talk page
  • IRC: CFisch_WMDE (flaky available )
de, en CEST (UTC+2) General help with the workflow around MediaWiki development.
Tambe Tabitha All things Wikidata; technical documentation, Toolforge, PAWS, SPARQL SPARQL, Python, Wikidata Phabricator: Tambe Tabitha

@TambeAchere on twitter

English, French UTC+1 Interviewer, facilitator
putnik Probably Wikidata related gadgets or modules
  • JS & gadgets
  • Lua & modules
  • PHP
  • Python & pywikibot
Russian (ru-N), English (en-3) MSK (UTC+3)
User:Valerio Bozzolan Technical stuff, awesome streamings, software freedom.
  • Lua & modules
  • PHP object-oriented bots
  • MediaWiki APIs
  • Phabricator - amazing/weird components for developers (Harbormaster, Arcanist)
  • OpenStreetMap
Italian (it-N), English (en-3) CEST (UTC+2) Help with free software solutions (BigBlueButton, Open Broadcaster Software, streaming, Rocket.Chat and friends!)
Ori Livneh Helping other projects, and maybe also impact metrics (your photos on Commons have been seen by X million users, etc.) PHP, JavaScript, Python
  • IRC: ori (flaky available )
  • Email:
  • Phabricator/Gerrit: ori
  • Talk page
en, he, de-1 PDT (UTC-7)
Tobias1984 (talk) Not sure yet Python, JS, CSS, PHP
  • Email:
Jay Prakash meta:Indic-TechCom's wishlist
  • PHP, JavaScript, Python, React
  • MediaWiki, UserScript, Gadget, and Toolforge
  • Email:
  • Phabricator/Gerrit: Jayprakash12345
  • Talk page
English, Hindi IST (UTC+5:30)
Legoktm LibUp, also open to nerd-sniping. Would like to learn about Ansible for Toolforge tools. PHP, Python/Pywikibot, JavaScript, Rust, Puppet, wikitext, Toolforge, docker, maybe k8s en PDT (UTC-7) Happy to help with IRC administration
Premeditated Wikidata, Wikipeda, Toolforge and etc. Python, Javascript, TypeScript, ReactJS, Lua, GoLang, k8s, Deno, OpenStack, MariaDB ++ Norwegian (nb, nn), English (en) CEST (UTC+2)
BDavis (WMF) Toolhub Toolhub, Toolforge, Cloud VPS, Python
  • IRC: bd808
  • Telegram: bd808
  • Phab/Gerrit: bd808
en MDT (UTC-6)
Count Count Dump processing with Rust:
  • Clickhouse, Parquet, DuckDB
  • Arrow, Datafusion, Ballista
  • Rust
  • Toolforge
  • Mediawiki API
  • Wikipedia XML dumps
  • Email:
  • Discord: Count Count#4559
en, de UTC+2 Also happy to talk about anything Rust
Andre Klapper
  • Phabricator
  • any meta questions related to development
  • documentation
  • technical metrics / statistics
  • Email:
  • IRC: andre (on
  • Telegram (rarely)
cs, de, en, fr (to very varying levels) UTC+2
psychoslave I plan to mainly focus on accessibility, but might branch on other topics as it goes.
  • Accessibility
  • psychoslave IRC, telegram and so on
English, Esperanto, French UTC+2
Lucie/Frimelle Multilingual Wikipedia/Wikidata projects, including:
  • Research
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Wikidata and languages/labels
  • @frimelle on Telegram/Twitter
German, English, some French/Spanish/Turkish UTC+2
  • Research
  • Wikipedia XML dumps
  • MediaWiki history dumps
  • Python
  • By email:
  • On Telegram: @CristianCantoro
it, en, fr, es CEST (UTC+2)
Spinster Structured Data on Commons, GLAM and OpenRefine Structured Data on Commons and OpenRefine (I'm an advanced user, not a developer)
  • @trnstlntk on Telegram
nl, en-4, fr-2, de-1 CEST (UTC+2)
Mahuton Bots and tools development Pywikibot, Flask, Django, Tools deployment on toolforge, JavaScript
  • @mah_3110 on Telegram
Fr, en CEST (UTC+2)
Daimona Eaytoy Code quality, PHPUnit for MW core, maybe something phan-related PHP, MediaWiki, phan it-N, en-3, fr-1 CEST (UTC+2)
Peter Coombe / the wub Probably a few things related to Extension:WikiEditor HTML/CSS/JS


  • email:
  • IRC: pcoombe
en UTC+1
Derk-Jan Hartman / TheDJ Possibly continuing on 360 image viewer MediaWiki, CSS/JS, Accessibility
  • Discord: TheDJ#1626
  • Twitter: dj_hartman
  • Telegram: @ djhartman
nl/en CEST (UTC+2) Absent on Friday
Enterprisey Bug fixes on all my stuff, you know the drill. Feel free to suggest things to me Areas: Bots (and bot libraries), (Toolforge) tools, user scripts

Languages: Rust, Python, JS/CSS/HTML

enwiki talk page, enterprisey on Freenode IRC. I also have a Mastodon account under my real name - if you know me already, feel free to ask en, disappointingly little fr EST (UTC-4) Sure, anything that's needed. Can help new people.
EpicPupper Coordination of the event, getting to know the community as a newbie Areas: Bots (and bot libraries), Toolforge, a bit of user scripts

Languages: JS/CSS/HTML

Fredster#5600 on Discord (I'm in the Wikimedia Community Discord server), or any talk page en-N, zh-N, fr-1 PST Not that experienced, but sure, can help a bit.
Zache Ajapaik mobile app, Flutter, Wikidata/SDC integration Areas: Flutter, Wikimedia API,

Languages: Rust, PHP, Python, Sparql, SQL

Talk page or wikimedia email fi, en GMT+3 (Helsinki)
Bodhisattwa Wikidata-Wikisource integration Talk page on Bengali Wikisource bn, en IST (UTC+5:30)
Anupam Dutta Wikidata HTML
  • email:
  • Telegram: @anupamdutta73
bn, en IST (UTC+5:30)
Ammarpad Wikidata, Toolforge tools MediaWiki, PHP
  • email: ammarpad at
  • on wiki talkpage
en UTC+1
Fajne Farita ORES, Wikidata, Wikifunctions, Abstract Wikipedia ORES;

Python, SQL

timakova at berkeley dot edu en, ru PST
Aditya Chaturvedi Will be working on Scholia and video-cut-tool
  • Javascript, Bootstrap
  • Telegram: @resultant_edition
  • Email:
Hindi, English (en) IST (UTC+5:30)
Paritosh Singh RDF data import to wikidata, RDF, SPARQL, Python Email:

Telegram: @shg_cdr07

English, Hindi GST (UTC+4)
User:AntiCompositeNumber Commons, Toolforge tools Commons, Python, Toolforge, thumbor Libera.Chat: AntiComposite


en, fr-2 EDT (UTC-4)
Devyansh Chawla (Novusistic) A newcomer. Want to learn about Mediawiki and userscripts/gadgets HTML/CSS/JavaScript



IRC: dev_monk31

Telegram: @dev_monk

English, Hindi IST (UTC+5:30)
RonnieV Not decided upon, might hop in and out Python, Wikidata, bringing information together and making it visible Email:

Telegram: @dev_monk

nl, en, fr, CEST (UTC+2:00)
KovacovaT Wikidata, PAWS, Jupyter Reconciliation, data quality/integrity improvements, machine learning Python, Wikidata, SPARQL, ORES Email:

Telegram: @kovacova

Twitter: @_kovacova

en, sk PST Happy to help out
Lcawte Undecided. Maybe carrying on 2020's WikiGovTool, maybe some extension/skins stuff or some ShoutWiki upstreaming. General MW, wikifarm, etc. IRC (Freenode+Libera): Lcawte
Twitter & Telegram: @Lcawte
Nattes à chat

on this wikidata LGBTIQ project

sourcing P91 on wikidata telegram chan dedicated to the endeavour en, fr, de CEST (UTC+2) only for the project I propose to work on related to wikidata
Tony Thomas Mostly python stuff, probably checking how our previous hackathon project "Google drive to commons" is functioning. Python, Deploying your tools on toolforge Telegram: @tonythomas01

irc: tonythomas

en, ml CEST (UTC+2)
Johannes Kalliauer Presenter of phab:T283083
  • Commons
  • SVGs
  • svg-rendering-libaries
  • toolforge
de-N, en-4, C++ CEST (UTC+2)