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This page is still a work in progress, and its content is not fully defined yet. Please be patient, more info coming soon.

On this page, you will find an overview on how to participate and contribute in the hackathon.

First time at a Wikimedia hackathon?[edit]

Detailed "What is a Hackathon" overview: Information for first-time participants

Wikimedia hackathons are generally collaborative computer programming events which specifically focus on technologies and projects powering Wikipedia and thousands of MediaWiki installations. Wikimedia hackathons are essentially large development community meetups that attract many developers and designers who care deeply about the issues and technology impacting MediaWiki and the Wikimedia projects. You will get a chance to work together with other developers, designers and Wikimedians, in a productive, fun, and supportive environment.

TBD: list resources for newcomers, good practices

TBD: information about the newcomers helpdesk


TBD: Ideas of things you can do

TBD: how to join a project

TBD: how to find help for your project

TBD: how to communicate with other people

Schedule a session[edit]

If you already have ideas for sessions, projects, or social events, you can add them on this page. We will add information on how to schedule a session in the program soon!


TBD: Tools that you can use at the hackathon, short description + link to more info

Help running the event[edit]

If you're interested in helping with organizing the event, feel free to add it in the participant's list.

Volunteer roles:

  • Overview of the event/firefighter
  • Moderation/facilitation on text channels
  • Facilitation during sessions or interviewer
  • Technical support (help people with online conference tools)
  • Welcoming newcomers
  • Social blend (run social events)

TBD: volunteers channel