I was designated to take care of the Translation Outreach: User guides on project in Outreachy's Round 15. My mentors were Johan Jönsson and Benoît Evellin and we worked together to try to bring new volunteers to help out with the localization of user documentation. At the same time, I took notes and built strategies to make it easier to people not involved with the Wikimedia movement to contribute.

If you want to read my project proposal, you can access it on Phabricator. Records concerning my work and my progress are available below. Happy reading!

Documentation of work[edit]


Period Task designated Work done
Before the first internship week Contact mentors, schedule meetings and define how we will communicate with each other during the interniship. Fulfill all tasks asked on Outreachy/Round 15 § Recommended steps for current interns. Take care of bureaucratic requirements (signing the contract, setting up a payment method, etc). I got to know my mentors better and defined a work routine. Wrote two blog posts concerning my internship:

Fullfilled the other tasks and requirements.

December 4–8 Community bonding period. Getting to know more about current tools, what,has been done before, what is realistically possible to do considering limitations. Had the weekly meeting on December 4. Initial impressions about Wikimedia and its tool were reported and some ideas were discussed. It was decided that the focus of this week will be keeping making notes,about what I think is lacking and getting more familiar with the environment and the community I will be working with. Notes about what I've read and done are available.
December 11–January 05 Discussion. Consulting notes done before. Reach out communities and,other collaborative parties to ask them about difficulties and,suggestions. Identifying problems, ranking and labeling them as "root",or "symptomatic". In parallel, strategy building takes place: writing,down possible solutions, ranking them accordingly to possible,effectiveness, labeling them as "long-term" or "immediate". December 11-15: Meeting on December 11 to discuss what plans for the week and initial ideas for outreach. Watched phab:T174718 on December 12. Trip to next state on December 13 to 17.
December 18-22: Talked with a Translation degree coordinator about requirements for certificates. Had a training involving marking commons:Commons:Structured data/About for translation.
December 25-January 1: Holidays break.
January 2-5: Meeting on January 2 was postponed to January 8. Collection of data regarding user guides and interviews with translators.
January 08–February 09 Initial outreach. Applying strategies described on previous task. January 8-12: Meeting on January 8. Decisions:
  1. Writing a blog post on Wikimedia blog to raise awareness of technical translations. Phabricator task.
  2. Reaching out groups that work with underrepresented minorities in tech.
January 15-19: Reached out groups that work(ed) with minorities in Brazil. Didn't work -- most of them don't deal with the public I want to reach or ceased their activities. Submitted first draft for my mentors appraisal.
January 22-26: Draft rejected; wrote another more complete draft about fidings, strategies and hypotheses. Switched focus: universities (Phabricator task). Reached out the Athlethic Association of the Linguistics degree in my university. Reached the department designated to take care of my university's website and newspaper.
January 29-February 2: Contacted students from universities to help me spread the message. Created a straight-forward Translation guide to test strategies as educational videos.
February 5-9: Meetings with coordinators of schools of language and departments of communication.
February 12–13 Initial outreach evaluation and discussion. What did work? What did not? Approaching universities is harder than I thought. I wrote down my thoughts on Outreach strategies.
February 14–March 02 Continuous outreach while also analysing results. February 14-16: Created Project:PD help/Outreachy (Round 15). Recruited two new volunteers to create a Brazilian Portuguese translation team.
February 19-23: Week dedicated to instruct my teammates and write down notes on their progress.
February 26-March 02: Week dedicated to writing my final report.
March 5 Final evaluation. Published my final report, submitted to review.