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Symptomatic problem
Something that may harm contributors' experience. This is a result of a chain of events, not its cause.
Root cause
What was identified as the possible origin of symptomatic problems. It isn't necessarily something negative — it may be organizational or cultural aspects. But its existence definitely played a role in the appearance of said problems.
Immediate fix
Mitigates or eliminates symptomatic problems.
Long-term solution
Mitigates or eliminates root causes.

Identification and classification[edit]

Symptomatic problem Root cause Immediate fix Long-term solution
Information is fragmented. Wikis were created separately at its own pace. Integration between them is still something new. Creation and maintenance of a "landing page" (meta:Meta:Babylon/Translations).
Documentation fails to establish a proper target public. Documentation/Style guide does not have a section dedicated to instruct Documentation writers about this. Creation of simplified documentation for newcomers introducing fundamental tools and concepts. Indication of existing documentation as "further reading".
Good resources to establish a quality standard are missing. Current documentation relies on other (external) resources to give a more complete perspective. Highlight what is valuable in other (external) resources on the page.
Inactive translation community. Translators are usually people involved with other projects, not people dedicated to that task only. Promotion of the creation of localization teams.
Lack of standardization. There isn't a MediaWiki glossary or an easy search tool to explore translated strings. Creation of pages dedicated to gather glossaries that mention the most important terms. Creation of a searchable database made of those glossaries.