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March 6[edit]

We've reached the end of the internship, and that's certainly quite sad. Actually, I still can't believe this happened to me, but here we are! But since I will stay involved with the Wikimedia movement helping localization efforts, we could say this is only the beginning of a long journey. I loved working here.

Second-to-last bi-weekly report[edit]

I wrote this last week, but didn't had time to translate it to Brazilian Portuguese yet:

I would like to quote a couple of paragraphs. This is the most important lesson I've learned in this internship:

"But here is something that often happens with people like me and them, people that aren't "actual translators" but have the required fluency to do this kind of task: we are inexperienced (especially if this is our first contribution in the free and open-source software world and we are in charge of this role alone!) and frequently we don't put much thought in long-term consequences. We just want to get things done.

That is, of course, a recipe for disaster. Maybe someday you will become busier and won't have time to contribute to that specific project. Consequently, you probably won't have time to explain to someone else all the work you've done and that will require them to make some guesses. It won't take long until inconsistencies begin to appear, making users extremely confused—particularly if said project follows the trend of only getting bigger and bigger everyday as we speak."

Especially because this happened to me. I got busy with this internship and had to stop contributing with Mastodon. I went from following updates in the source code in a daily basis to not having any idea of what is going on. I saw a couple of people interested in helping, and I failed in organizing the work I've done in such a way they would understand. I regret making this mistake, I one of my goals now that internship is over is to fix that.

Final report[edit]

I'm waiting for feedback from my mentors at the moment, but here is my draft. I still need to add a summary of my findings and conclusions at the top of the page and add links to some of my notes, but most of the work is done. I'm quite proud of what we've accomplished together!

Final bi-weekly report[edit]

Under Benoît's request, it will be mainly about my final report and what I've learned with this internship. I didn't mentioned any of my personal experiences in my final report because I think most people aren't interested in that, but I definitely want to talk about it.

I actually talked about it a little in the Outreachy chat last week: "the most important feat was overcoming my impostor syndrome. Gaining confidence about the work I do, having my progress being acknowledged, being congratulated for the quality of my work. I feel like I'm capable of doing great things, and this is only the beginning."

I'm disabled woman, and I had a lot of fears regarging my professional life and career choices. I was a "woman interested in tech, but not in tech". Outreachy helped me overcome that. I'm really thankful.