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As a part of the Translation outreach: User guides on project as an outreach initiative, during one week a team of new translators will explore the translation tools and all resources available for translators on while working on the translation of several user guides.


This initiative intends to:

  • Confirm or dismiss the existence of points of failure in the process of becoming a translator on and/or translating the content of said wiki.
  • Provide guidelines for the creation of teams dedicated to technical translations.
  • Introduce selected university students, looking for specializing in language study or translation, to the role of technical translator in the Wikimedia movement.
  • Understand factors decisive to the choice of continuing to contribute or cease all contributions as a technical translator.


Target pages[edit]

Page Messages Untranslated Completion Claimed? By who?
Help:Images 204 116 43% Yes QtK6z
Help:Links 103 12 88% Yes Viviannesh
Help:User contributions 96 75 21%
Help:Tables 412 0 100% Yes QtK6z
Help:Cite 94 74 21% Yes Contraexemplo
Help:Structured Discussions/Quick tour 83 41 50%
Help:Range blocks 93 74 20%
Help:Log 12 0 100% Yes Viviannesh
Total 1,126 392 65%

Contact information[edit]

If you wish to contact the creator of this initiative, you can reach me on my Talk page.