Technical Document Re-working Group

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We are a special interest group that applies a process of auditing, extension, review, and iteration to Wikimedia technical documentation.


Identify top priorities to improve and elevate MediaWiki technical documentation, create standard requirements and processess for creating new tutorials and other technical documents, and to update and refine existing technical documentation.

Current scope[edit]

The Technical Document Re-working Group SIG, in its current iteration, will be limited to improving Scoring Platform team and Cloud Services technical documentation.

The scope of the SIG is not static. The SIG is in its early stages, and the goal is to evolve and grow over time, as we propose, experiment, learn, and apply our learnings.


Contact and coordination[edit]

The talk page will be used for our primary coordination. It is also a place to suggest potential future focuses.

Suggest other potential future focuses in the talk page. Otherwise, our primary coordination takes place via the talk page.

Additionally, we can be found at IRC: #wikimedia-cloud connect

This group follows the Special Interest Groups governance recommendations.


Membership criteria
Members are people with experience managing technical documentation, Cloud Services infrastructure, and developer onboarding.
Prospective members should email Sarah R. to apply
Members of the Working Group
Meeting cadence

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