Technical Documentation Tasks for Hack-a-thons



This page lists suggested tasks for Hack-a-thons and Write-a-thons. Tasks listed here should be short, relatively easy to complete in a short time. If volunteers are interested in longer, more complicated tasks that can be a great opportunity to introduce them to Phabricator and to share information about workflows and ongoing projects. This is generally updated before upcoming hack-a-thons or edit-a-thons.

See Documentation/New technical writers for instructions on getting started.


Task Skills required Level
Find and fix inaccuracies in My_first_Django_OAuth_tool Toolforge, Django Intermediate
Update and improve documentation for developing successful tools. Toolforge development Intermediate
Update and improve wikitech:Help:Toolforge/Java. Java, Toolforge Intermediate
Clean up and improve documentation of Wikidata tools SQL, Scripting, Webscraping Beginner
Pywikibot documentation newcomer tasks Python, Scripting Beginner
Create a "my first Pywikibot bot" tutorial for Toolforge Python, Toolforge Intermediate
Need Documentation on using tables in Special Page Wiki-editing, extensions Intermediate
Add documentation for client-side HTML templating to Manual:HTML_templates HTML templates Intermediate
Update Toolforge and Cloud VPS Help pages Toolforge Advanced
Run a documentation sprint for Cloud VPS and Toolforge Toolforge, Cloud VPS Advanced
Contributors are encouraged to add more tasks to this list.

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