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This page lists suggested tasks for Hack-a-thons and Write-a-thons. Tasks listed here should be short, relatively easy to complete in a short-time. If volunteers are interested in longer, more complicated tasks that can be a great opportunity to introduce them to Phabricator and to share information about workflows and ongoing projects.

Getting Started[edit]


This task is best suited for Page Task Further notes or owner
Individuals who are interested in learning the basics of editing wikis Reformat each of the lists of client libraries as tables. Currently, the format of these is not consistent, making it hard to read.
Individuals who are familiar with API development Review the lists of client libraries, and remove any that are no longer up-to-date
Individuals with some technical writing and editing experience wikitech:Help:Toolforge/My_first_Pywikibot_tool Reformat as a walkthrough. EX. wikitech:Help:Toolforge/My_first_Flask_OAuth_tool T134495
Individuals with some technical writing and editing experience wikitech:Help:Toolforge/My_first_Django_OAuth_tool Reformat as a walkthrough EX. wikitech:Help:Toolforge/My_first_Flask_OAuth_tool
Individuals with some technical writing experience Review and improve: Split this FAQ into the three separate guides outlined in the Phabricator task.
Individuals who are learning the basics of editing Wikis Technical Document Re-working Group/Resources Add your favorite helpful technical documentation resources to this list for new technical writers and editors. We’ll teach you how to edit!
Advanced Run a documentation sprint for Cloud VPS and Toolforge phab:T101659 lists a larger set of tasks, but many will likely require experience with the tools
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