Technical Document Re-working Group/Meetings/2018-02-16


Date -- February 16, 2018[edit]

Members Present

  • Aaron H
  • Nick W
  • Sarah R.

Things to think about

  • In Progress
    • Working with the BSU students on an audit of just Toolforge documentation. Their questions are helping to surface some of the challenges we face, things we are doing well and gaps we should fill.
    • The audit and findings should be finished around 3/1/2018,and should provide a basis for more informed planning overall.
    • Focusing on ToolForge only (no ORES)
    • Questions for thought:
    • What do we know about users of our documentation? How do they find documentation? Why? Are they getting what they need?
      • Page-visits?
        • Piwik on wikitech?
        • Analytics/pageviews on wikitech?
      • Mapping of the pages? Can they/we do something like these?
        • c:File:Main Page Usability.png
        • c:File:Map of the English Wikipedia's help pages - small cropped.png
        • Or
          • (currently just avail for 10 wikis but maybe they can add)
      • Check IRC logs, Phab requests, mailing list for common Qs
  • Ongoing work -
    • Revising and cleaning up some frontline documentation -- Cloud Services Introduction, FAQ (propose changing name of this doc), and Getting Started Guide. (This is mostly fun work -- writing as a mode of learning and understanding, and revealing some areas to think about (style/voice/organization, etc).
    • Met with Halfak Re: ORES docs. We are discussing both an ORES Manual and an article that will help clarify what a model is good at and what it is not good at and why. In other words, we are starting to think about ways to tell stories that solidify understanding -- this will be a possible article on mediawiki or blog post or both.
      • E.g. Story about Italian “Ha” / Newcomer-anon vs. Experienced editor
      • E.g. Story about detecting hoaxes (and why ORES can’t directly detect them -- but can maybe help)
    • FAQ is sort of a proto-manual. Manual would look more like a directory and have more structure -- More structured (ex WikiSyntax). Use some