Technical Document Re-working Group/Meetings/2019-03-08


Notes for Technical Writing SIG 2019-08-03

Attendees: Nick, Bryan, Sarah R.

  • Digging down into Wikitech/Toolforge documentation
    • Help vs Portals?
      • Naming is by Bryan, and to make clear that they're not mainspace pages, mainspace pages are normally related to Ops/SRE work.
      • Portals are the main hubs that Bryan created, and pointed the inbound links (from external sites) to.
      • Who are the target demographics for each of these pages?
      • Definitely lacking consistency, need a lot of work!
      • Admin subpages are operational runbooks by/for WMCS team, could be moved anywhere.
        • FAQs we have several
        • Consolidating information
        • User stories? Or What would a user want to do/know right away?
        • We need to pull the "Communication channels" info into a template, and just transclude it. I.e. these 3 semi-duplicates (and more?) and and
      • Next steps for MediaWiki API Technical Documentation: Updates, Qualitative interviews (suggested questions?), coverage (Core Platform is hiring a technical writer)
        • TODO: Sarah to talk to Evan/Cindy/Corey/Kate about tech writer plans. And make sure they've read Marty's intern work completely.
      • Technical Communication: Blogs and talks (updates/suggestions/help)
      • Hack-a-thon and Write-a-thon microtasks? What kind of tech doc tasks can folks complete over the course of a couple of hours? Looking for short/easy pieces for contributors to work on. (Let’s consolidate this all into one working list)
      • Reexamine SIG attendees?