Technical Document Re-working Group/Meetings/2018-06-17


Currently working on this page of resources and tasks to bring to the hackathon at Wikimania: Technical Document Re-working Group/Wikimania 2018

  • Need more tasks of different levels for the Wikimania 2018 Hackathon (some have been reused from the WTD task list). We would like to come up with some very basic --> very complex tasks for folks to choose from.
  • Needs a short mission statement / philosophy of why technical documentation is important (Sarah R. will take a first pass at this)
  • We should have some basic talking points / elevator pitches for newcomers and potential contributors.
  • Rotating and bringing onboard new SIG members
    • Need to reopen and properly resolve T156301 (create SIG!)
    • Sarah R. will work on the mission statement and think of “campaigns” for different aspects of this project
    • We will do some outreach to folks already interested in technical writing
    • Nick will look at folks to suggest from mw.o (quarry)
    • Bryan will look at folks to suggest from wikitech
  • Regrouping for new year -- thinking ahead to how this fits into any changes taking place
  • Wikified our old resource links gdoc

Some light reading: