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Error: Call to a member function getNamespaces() on null

Faulknmd (talkcontribs)


I run a Wiki for an amateur songwriting competition at:

MediaWiki     1.39.3

PHP     8.1.17 (cgi-fcgi)

MySQL     8.0.28-0ubuntu0.20.04.3

ICU     60.2

It stopped working properly a few weeks ago, so I upgraded from MediaWiki 1.26.3 to 1.35.10 without problems and everything was fine.

I then came back to it on Friday in order to upgrade further to 1.39.3.

Unfortunately, having done that (incl. running the update script in a browser), some pages now load as they should, whereas many others return "Error: Call to a member function getNamespaces() on null".

For example, the full error report for is as follows:

[ZHNoFVjgJfmtun3AUscyrAAATq4] /wiki/index.php?title=Home_Composed_Song_Contest_1994 Error: Call to a member function getNamespaces() on null


from /home/faulknmd/

#0 /home/faulknmd/ wfHtml5MediatorParse(string, array, Parser, PPFrame_Hash)

#1 /home/faulknmd/ Parser->extensionSubstitution(array, PPFrame_Hash, boolean)

#2 /home/faulknmd/ PPFrame_Hash->expand(PPNode_Hash_Tree, integer)

#3 /home/faulknmd/ Parser->replaceVariables(string)

#4 /home/faulknmd/ Parser->internalParse(string)

#5 /home/faulknmd/ Parser->parse(string, Title, ParserOptions, boolean, boolean, integer)

#6 /home/faulknmd/ WikitextContentHandler->fillParserOutput(WikitextContent, MediaWiki\Content\Renderer\ContentParseParams, ParserOutput)

#7 /home/faulknmd/ ContentHandler->getParserOutput(WikitextContent, MediaWiki\Content\Renderer\ContentParseParams)

#8 /home/faulknmd/ MediaWiki\Content\Renderer\ContentRenderer->getParserOutput(WikitextContent, Title, integer, ParserOptions, boolean)

#9 /home/faulknmd/ MediaWiki\Revision\RenderedRevision->getSlotParserOutputUncached(WikitextContent, boolean)

#10 /home/faulknmd/ MediaWiki\Revision\RenderedRevision->getSlotParserOutput(string, array)

#11 /home/faulknmd/ MediaWiki\Revision\RevisionRenderer->combineSlotOutput(MediaWiki\Revision\RenderedRevision, array)

#12 [internal function]: MediaWiki\Revision\RevisionRenderer->MediaWiki\Revision\{closure}(MediaWiki\Revision\RenderedRevision, array)

#13 /home/faulknmd/ call_user_func(Closure, MediaWiki\Revision\RenderedRevision, array)

#14 /home/faulknmd/ MediaWiki\Revision\RenderedRevision->getRevisionParserOutput()

#15 /home/faulknmd/ PoolWorkArticleView->renderRevision()

#16 /home/faulknmd/ PoolWorkArticleViewCurrent->doWork()

#17 /home/faulknmd/ PoolCounterWork->execute()

#18 /home/faulknmd/ MediaWiki\Page\ParserOutputAccess->getParserOutput(WikiPage, ParserOptions, MediaWiki\Revision\RevisionStoreRecord, integer)

#19 /home/faulknmd/ Article->generateContentOutput(User, ParserOptions, integer, OutputPage, array)

#20 /home/faulknmd/ Article->view()

#21 /home/faulknmd/ ViewAction->show()

#22 /home/faulknmd/ MediaWiki->performAction(Article, Title)

#23 /home/faulknmd/ MediaWiki->performRequest()

#24 /home/faulknmd/ MediaWiki->main()

#25 /home/faulknmd/ MediaWiki->run()

#26 /home/faulknmd/ wfIndexMain()

#27 {main}

Whereas pages like this are working fine, for example:

Can anyone give me any ideas as to why this might have happened and how it could be fixed? Thanks!


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Mainpage & Preferences not usable

2003:EE:715:46AC:6CFE:D747:BE2C:9EA6 (talkcontribs)


I've got my hands on an external wiki. after updating it to 1.39 i can't edit the mainpage, also the preferences (user settings) of the admin account are all grey and not usable.


Malyacko (talkcontribs)

Why can't you edit the main page? What does happen?

2003:EE:715:46AC:991B:C01:A1A5:D5D0 (talkcontribs)

There is no "edit" button. I only can see the source code. Other pages i can edit.

The mainpage must be locked, but i have no permission to unlock it.

As Admin, i'm within the sysop & bureaucrat group.

Bawolff (talkcontribs)

If you go to view source, is there a message on it explaining why you can only view source?

2003:EE:713:7BF7:BD15:A833:5ECB:594B (talkcontribs)

"You do not have permission to edit this page for the following reason:

This page has been protected to prevent editing and other actions."

2003:EE:713:7BF7:DC2E:5257:BDC9:68B7 (talkcontribs)

If i try to unprotect the page, i've got the error:

"You do not have the permission."

But why? I'm User #1 with SysOP & Buraeaucrat permissions.

In the LocalSettings the permissions for both is okay.

Same goes for the settings.

LocalSettings permissions are all ok, but nothing can be edited.

All is outlined and non clickable.

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Error when using Cirrussearch and Elastica extensions

1 (talkcontribs)

i Upgade my wiki from 1.28 to 1.35. i update Cirrussearch and Elastica extensions

i got this error whene i tried to make search


[7ca837c2f55f23939b24a707] /index.php?title=Sp%C3%A9cial:Version Error from line 90 of /app/httpd/www/mediawiki-1.35.7/extensions/Elastica/includes/ElasticaConnection.php

Class 'Elastica\Client' not found




i use 6.28.3 of elastic search and PHP 7.4.33 and MariaDB 10.6.11-

both Cirrussearch and Elastica are in 1.35 version

Any help please ?

How to form a search query in MediaWiki with multiple terms in the srsearch parameter?

2 (talkcontribs)

I have two terms A and B (strings) and I want all Wikipedia pages that have both these terms A and B, with no constraint regarding the order in which they appear and any phrase query or anything like that. I just want all result pages to be containing both these terms.

What is the syntax of the MediaWiki query that I should be constructing for the srsearch parameter?

Should I use srsearch="A|B" or srsearch="A&B" or srsearch="A,B" or srsearch=A|B

From the results I am getting, I am unable to make this decision.

Any advise is highly appreciated.

MarkAHershberger (talkcontribs)
Reply to "How to form a search query in MediaWiki with multiple terms in the srsearch parameter?"

invalid magic word '=' after 1.35 -> 1.39 upgrade

Ecuadorgr (talkcontribs)

Hi. I had an old 1.32 mediawiki installation, which I wanted to keep around, but was not willing to pay the php 7.4 support/extortion fee of my host, so I started an upgrade. The 1.32->1.35.10 step went great, however while upgrade.php seemed to work fine for the 1.35.10->1.39.3 step (note, I switched to php 8.0 at this point), visiting the wiki afterwards gives me the very unhelpful:

MWException: Error: invalid magic word '='
from /homepages/31/d87773283/htdocs/wiki/physics/includes/MagicWord.php(129)
#0 /homepages/31/d87773283/htdocs/wiki/physics/includes/MagicWordFactory.php(231): MagicWord->load()
#1 /homepages/31/d87773283/htdocs/wiki/physics/includes/MagicWordArray.php(85): MagicWordFactory->get()
#2 /homepages/31/d87773283/htdocs/wiki/physics/includes/MagicWordArray.php(287): MagicWordArray->getHash()
#3 /homepages/31/d87773283/htdocs/wiki/physics/includes/parser/Parser.php(3079): MagicWordArray->matchStartToEnd()
#4 /homepages/31/d87773283/htdocs/wiki/physics/includes/parser/PPFrame_Hash.php(276): Parser->braceSubstitution()
#5 /homepages/31/d87773283/htdocs/wiki/physics/includes/parser/Parser.php(2955): PPFrame_Hash->expand()
#6 /homepages/31/d87773283/htdocs/wiki/physics/includes/parser/Parser.php(962): Parser->replaceVariables()
#7 /homepages/31/d87773283/htdocs/wiki/physics/includes/parser/Parser.php(4928): Parser->preprocess()
#8 /homepages/31/d87773283/htdocs/wiki/physics/includes/language/MessageCache.php(1308): Parser->transformMsg()
#9 /homepages/31/d87773283/htdocs/wiki/physics/includes/language/Message.php(1456): MessageCache->transform()
#10 /homepages/31/d87773283/htdocs/wiki/physics/includes/language/Message.php(1009): Message->transformText()
#11 /homepages/31/d87773283/htdocs/wiki/physics/includes/language/Message.php(1053): Message->format()
#12 /homepages/31/d87773283/htdocs/wiki/physics/includes/OutputPage.php(1048): Message->text()
#13 /homepages/31/d87773283/htdocs/wiki/physics/includes/OutputPage.php(1097): OutputPage->setHTMLTitle()
#14 /homepages/31/d87773283/htdocs/wiki/physics/includes/page/Article.php(474): OutputPage->setPageTitle()
#15 /homepages/31/d87773283/htdocs/wiki/physics/includes/actions/ViewAction.php(78): Article->view()
#16 /homepages/31/d87773283/htdocs/wiki/physics/includes/MediaWiki.php(542): ViewAction->show()
#17 /homepages/31/d87773283/htdocs/wiki/physics/includes/MediaWiki.php(322): MediaWiki->performAction()
#18 /homepages/31/d87773283/htdocs/wiki/physics/includes/MediaWiki.php(904): MediaWiki->performRequest()
#19 /homepages/31/d87773283/htdocs/wiki/physics/includes/MediaWiki.php(562): MediaWiki->main()
#20 /homepages/31/d87773283/htdocs/wiki/physics/index.php(50): MediaWiki->run()
#21 /homepages/31/d87773283/htdocs/wiki/physics/index.php(46): wfIndexMain()
#22 {main}

Although I am a software dev (not php), the backtrace seems to include nothing suspect like extensions etc - it's just core code, so I wouldn't really know where to start. Any suggestions?


Bawolff (talkcontribs)
Ecuadorgr (talkcontribs)

Thanks, that sounds plausible, the Wiki was in Greek too - I actually googled how to clear caches, but didn't come up with that command, so I restored 1.35 instead. From then I upgraded to 1.38, which gave me an error about an extension (Widgets) - and it worked fine after upgrading that extension. I think I'll stick with 1.38 for now, but will have that in mind next time I upgrade further.

Reply to "invalid magic word '=' after 1.35 -> 1.39 upgrade"

Specific Template refuses to work, and times out the server.

La48 (talkcontribs)

Hello, I'm trying to import the template Template:Infobox_settlement to my wiki, and it refuses to work, and even times out the server. I've been importing new templates related to this template for 2 full days now, and I can't find any others. I've importing everything from other templates, to modules, to even CSS pages. But no matter what I do, the server still just times out. I know it's due to the template because of the fact that I can still make edits to the page without the template, but the moment I add the template, it stops working. Any ideas?

La48 (talkcontribs)

P.S. I would like to mention that I'm not sure if "server" is the right word to use. The specific thing that times out appears to be the LuaStandaloneInterpreter of Scribunto. If it helps, the specific error message that it leaves is this:

Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 120 seconds exceeded in C:\xampp\htdocs\w\extensions\Scribunto\includes\engines\LuaStandalone\LuaStandaloneInterpreter.php on line 483

Bawolff (talkcontribs)

Well something is weird because the lua timeout is usually much lower than the php timeout you are hitting. However php timeout errors sometimes report the wrong place.

Ensure you have general performance stuff setup (you have installed apcu php extension and set $wgMainCacheType)

La48 (talkcontribs)

Thank you for telling me that. I did that, but this time, the error it gives me is:

Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 120 seconds exceeded in C:\xampp\htdocs\w\extensions\Scribunto\includes\engines\LuaStandalone\LuaStandaloneInterpreter.php on line 488

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Unable to increase the file upload size

2 (talkcontribs)

We have followed the steps provided in the document: Manual:Configuring file uploads - MediaWiki

Unfortunately, it is not working for us. It is affecting our release documentation. Can you please help us resolve this issue?

Malyacko (talkcontribs)

What exactly did you change (parameters instead of paraphrasing), which exact steps did you perform, which MediaWiki version? Please see the sidebar.

Reply to "Unable to increase the file upload size"

Enquiry on Wikimania 2023

Ngozi Stella Udechukwu (talkcontribs)

Hello, I want to be part of Wikimania 2023. can you send me details on the events and the link for data stipend for scholarship willing participants?

Thank you for the anticipated favourable response.


Malyacko (talkcontribs)
Reply to "Enquiry on Wikimania 2023"

error when trying to add a module

Cocopuff2018 (talkcontribs)

when i try to submit modules i get this error how do i fix it

[ZHDcPZoZMaNmiQdASHgl@QAAABs] /index.php?title=Module:Documentation&action=submit MWException: The lua binary (/home/vol1000_8/ is not executable.


from /home/vol1000_8/

#0 /home/vol1000_8/ MediaWiki\Extension\Scribunto\Engines\LuaStandalone\LuaStandaloneInterpreter->__construct(MediaWiki\Extension\Scribunto\Engines\LuaStandalone\LuaStandaloneEngine, array)

#1 /home/vol1000_8/ MediaWiki\Extension\Scribunto\Engines\LuaStandalone\LuaStandaloneEngine->newInterpreter()

#2 /home/vol1000_8/ Scribunto_LuaEngine->load()

#3 /home/vol1000_8/ MediaWiki\Extension\Scribunto\Engines\LuaStandalone\LuaStandaloneEngine->load()

#4 /home/vol1000_8/ Scribunto_LuaEngine->getInterpreter()

#5 /home/vol1000_8/ Scribunto_LuaModule->getInitChunk()

#6 /home/vol1000_8/ Scribunto_LuaModule->validate()

#7 /home/vol1000_8/ MediaWiki\Extension\Scribunto\ScribuntoEngineBase->validate(string, string)

#8 /home/vol1000_8/ MediaWiki\Extension\Scribunto\ScribuntoContentHandler->validate(MediaWiki\Extension\Scribunto\ScribuntoContent, Title)

#9 /home/vol1000_8/ MediaWiki\Extension\Scribunto\Hooks::validateScript(DerivativeContext, MediaWiki\Extension\Scribunto\ScribuntoContent, Status, string, User, boolean)

#10 /home/vol1000_8/ MediaWiki\HookContainer\HookContainer->callLegacyHook(string, array, array, array)

#11 /home/vol1000_8/ MediaWiki\HookContainer\HookContainer->run(string, array)

#12 /home/vol1000_8/ MediaWiki\HookContainer\HookRunner->onEditFilterMergedContent(DerivativeContext, MediaWiki\Extension\Scribunto\ScribuntoContent, Status, string, User, boolean)

#13 /home/vol1000_8/ MediaWiki\EditPage\Constraint\EditFilterMergedContentHookConstraint->checkConstraint()

#14 /home/vol1000_8/ MediaWiki\EditPage\Constraint\EditConstraintRunner->checkConstraints()

#15 /home/vol1000_8/ EditPage->internalAttemptSave(array, boolean, boolean)

#16 /home/vol1000_8/ EditPage->attemptSave(array)

#17 /home/vol1000_8/ EditPage->edit()

#18 /home/vol1000_8/ EditAction->show()

#19 /home/vol1000_8/ SubmitAction->show()

#20 /home/vol1000_8/ MediaWiki->performAction(Article, Title)

#21 /home/vol1000_8/ MediaWiki->performRequest()

#22 /home/vol1000_8/ MediaWiki->main()

#23 /home/vol1000_8/ MediaWiki->run()

#24 /home/vol1000_8/ wfIndexMain()

#25 {main}

Malyacko (talkcontribs)

Please see "Post a new question" in the sidebar for future questions.

See the error message that you posted: The lua binary (/home/vol1000_8/ is not executable.

Make it executable.

Reply to "error when trying to add a module" (talkcontribs)

info about installation

uname -a

Linux myserver 4.18.0-425.10.1.el8_7.x86_64 #1 SMP Wed Dec 14 16:00:01 EST 2022 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux


mysql --version

mysql  Ver 8.0.30 for Linux on x86_64 (Source distribution)

mysql> show engines;


| Engine             | Support | Comment                                                        | Transactions | XA   | Savepoints |


| FEDERATED          | NO      | Federated MySQL storage engine                                 | NULL         | NULL | NULL       |

| MEMORY             | YES     | Hash based, stored in memory, useful for temporary tables      | NO           | NO   | NO         |

| InnoDB             | DEFAULT | Supports transactions, row-level locking, and foreign keys     | YES          | YES  | YES        |

| PERFORMANCE_SCHEMA | YES     | Performance Schema                                             | NO           | NO   | NO         |

| MyISAM             | YES     | MyISAM storage engine                                          | NO           | NO   | NO         |

| MRG_MYISAM         | YES     | Collection of identical MyISAM tables                          | NO           | NO   | NO         |

| BLACKHOLE          | YES     | /dev/null storage engine (anything you write to it disappears) | NO           | NO   | NO         |

| CSV                | YES     | CSV storage engine                                             | NO           | NO   | NO         |

| ARCHIVE            | YES     | Archive storage engine                                         | NO           | NO   | NO         |


This is the error message that i got.

The environment has been checked. You can install MediaWiki.

Setting up database


Creating tables, step one

Wikimedia\Rdbms\DBQueryError from line 1618 of /var/www/html/iwswiki/includes/libs/rdbms/database/Database.php: Error 3161: Storage engine MyISAM is disabled (Table creation is disallowed).

Function: Wikimedia\Rdbms\Database::sourceFile( /var/www/html/iwswiki/maintenance/tables-generated.sql )

Query: CREATE TABLE `searchindex` (


si_title VARCHAR(255) DEFAULT '' NOT NULL,


UNIQUE INDEX si_page (si_page),

FULLTEXT INDEX si_title (si_title),

FULLTEXT INDEX si_text (si_text)

) ENGINE = MyISAM DEFAULT CHARSET = utf8 (talkcontribs)

isnt this database version supported? (talkcontribs)

I changed to innodb in tables-generated.sql and it looks ok but idont know if this breaks anything

CREATE TABLE /*_*/searchindex (


  si_title VARCHAR(255) DEFAULT '' NOT NULL,


  UNIQUE INDEX si_page (si_page),

  FULLTEXT INDEX si_title (si_title),

  FULLTEXT INDEX si_text (si_text)

) ENGINE = innodb DEFAULT CHARSET = utf8;

Bawolff (talkcontribs)

It should be fine. It is myisam by default for that table because old versions of mysql did not support fulltext indexes on innodb tables, and nobody ever changed mediawiki after support was added to mysql.

Reply to "Cant install db"