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This page is a translated version of the page Skin:Lakeus and the translation is 7% complete.
Podręcznik skórek MediaWiki - kategoria
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Status wydania: stabilne
  • Lakejason0
  • Light beacon
  • Dianliang233
  • Winston Sung
  • ...
Ostatnia wersja 1.1.2 (2021-11-22)
Compatibility policy Snapshots releases along with MediaWiki. Master is not backwards compatible.
MediaWiki 1.36+
Licencja GNU General Public License 3.0 or later
Przykład Example on MediaWiki Skins Wiki
  • $wgLakeusShowRepositoryLink
  • $wgLakeusSiteNoticeHasBorder
Przetłumacz skórkę Lakeus jeżeli jest dostępna na
Sprawdź wykorzystywanie i matrycę wersji.

Lakeus is a skin that aims to provide a simple but all-functional experience. It's named after a character in the novel of one of the authors, Lakejason0.


  • Pobieranie i umieść plik(i) w katalogu o nazwie Lakeus w folderze skins/.
  • Dodaj poniższy kod na dole swojego pliku LocalSettings.php:
wfLoadSkin( 'Lakeus' );
  • Yes Zrobione - Przejdź do Special:Version na swojej wiki, aby sprawdzić czy skórka została pomyślnie zainstalowana.

Do użytkowników mających wersję MediaWiki 1.24 lub wcześniejszą:

Powyższe instrukcje opisują nowy sposób instalowania skórek poprzez wfLoadSkin(), począwszy od MediaWiki 1.25. Jeżeli chcesz zainstalować tę skórkę we wcześniejszych wersjach, zamiast wfLoadSkin( 'Lakeus' ); użyj:

require_once "$IP/skins/Lakeus/Lakeus.php";

(Aby uruchomić skórkę na wcześniejszej wersji, możliwe że będziesz musiał pobrać jej wersję oznaczoną dla danego wydania z Special:SkinDistributor.)


  • Simple but all-functional (at least most of them should work).
  • With no-JavaScript support.
  • Customization through CSS variables.
  • Responsive design. Should work with desktop and tablet; on very narrow phones the sidebar menu might be too wide to close.
  • A Theme designer. By enabling it in your preferences you can change and preview the theme in real time. For the most of time, only a few tweaks on basic variables are needed and it will produce an automagically calculated theme for you.
    • It might be a bit buggy and unstable, so be sure to report any of the problems to me! You can always disable automatic calculation if you are not satisfied.

Planned Features


  • The skin should be no-JavaScript compatible. Several handy features may not be available though.
  • The skin made a dedicated menu for site that uses a language with LanguageConverter variants (e.g. Chinese (zh) and Serbian). When no variants available, the menu should be invisible.
  • RTL support hasn't been tested well, but main features are confirmed RTL compatible (e.g. sidebar menus).


CSS variables

Your CSS may not work in several special pages (like Preferencje); it's an intended behavior of MediaWiki core due to security concerns, but site admins could set $wgAllowSiteCSSOnRestrictedPages to true to bypass it after understanding the risks.

Lakeus supports customization through CSS variables.

Theme Designer

Using the theme designer would be easier for anyone (at least I hope so). You'll only need to change the basic variables and the rest will be automatically calculated. You can disable the auto calculation for each variable that you don't really like the auto calculated result of it, and manually tweak it as you like.

To enable it, go to the preferences, select "Appearance", and you can find the option when the skin Lakeus is selected. Once enabled, it would load on every page.

Basically all the buttons and form inputs do what it literally means; just try them out if you are a bit confused. There are some variables that do not appear on every page, and they would be listed below:

  • Interface message box. These elements appears in situations like that a user group setting is successfully applied when JavaScript disabled, translation page edit notice warning, MediaWiki exceptions that appears on page editing, user talk page notices with no Echo and other notification extensions installed, and so on.

Preset themes

There will be some preset theme that is already here for you to use. You can share your own theme on the talk page as well. Come back later if there isn't any.

Manually change the variables

Below is the default setting of CSS variables; modify these settings and put the result into your Lakeus.css:

:root {
  --background-color-base: white;
  --background-color-body: white;
  --background-color-content: white;
  --background-color-footer: #eee;
  --background-color-toggle-list: white;
  --background-color-portlet-body: white;
  --background-color-toggle-list-card: #eee;
  --background-color-toggle-list-item-hover: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.1);
  --background-color-toggle-list-item-focus: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.2);
  --background-color-portlet-item-hover: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.1);
  --background-color-portlet-item-focus: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.2);
  --background-color-edit-options: #eee;
  --background-color-search-suggestions: #fff;
  --background-color-search-suggestions-current: #1d5492;
  --background-color-search-input: #fff;
  --background-color-toc: #f8f9fa;
  --background-color-interface-message-box-neutral: #eaecf0;
  --background-color-interface-message-box-error: #fee7e6;
  --background-color-interface-message-box-warning: #fef6e7;
  --background-color-interface-message-box-success: #d5fdf4;
  --background-color-user-message: #ffce7b;
  --background-color-wikitable: #f8f9fa;
  --background-color-wikitable-table-head: #eaecf0;
  --border-color-edit-options: #c8ccd1;
  --border-color-content: #ccc;
  --border-color-toggle-list: #ddd;
  --border-color-search-suggestions: #c8ccd1;
  --border-color-search-bar: var(--color-gray-2);
  --border-color-portlet-body: var(--color-gray);
  --border-color-header-tab: var(--color-gray-2);
  --border-color-toc: #a2a9b1;
  --border-color-interface-message-box-neutral: #a2a9b1;
  --border-color-interface-message-box-error: #d33;
  --border-color-interface-message-box-warning: #fc3;
  --border-color-interface-message-box-success: #14866d;
  --border-color-user-message: #ffa500;
  --border-color-wikitable: #a2a9b1;
  --subheader-color-toggle-list: #6a6a6a;
  --logo-text-color-toggle-list: #000000;
  --text-color-toggle-list-item: #1c1c1c;
  --text-color-toggle-list-item-hover: #3a3a3a;
  --text-color-toggle-list-item-focus: #3a3a3a;
  --text-color-content: #000000;
  --text-color-header: #000000;
  --text-color-body: #000000;
  --text-color-footer: #000000;
  --text-color-interface-message-box-neutral: #000000;
  --text-color-interface-message-box-error: #000000;
  --text-color-interface-message-box-warning: #000000;
  --text-color-interface-message-box-success: #000000;
  --text-color-user-message: #000000;
  --text-color-wikitable: #202122;
  --icon-filter-header: unset;
  --color-search-suggestions-text: #000;
  --color-search-suggestions-text-current: #fff;
  --color-tagline: var(--color-base);
  --color-accent-header-tab: var(--color-base);
  --color-accent-header-tab-selected: #54595d;
  --color-accent-header-tab-new: #54595d;
  --color-header: white;
  --color-base: #54595d;
  --color-gray: #a2a9b1;
  --color-gray-2: #eaecf0;
  --color-link: #0645ad;
  --color-link--visited: #0b0080;
  --color-link--active: #faa700;
  --color-link-new: #d33;
  --color-link-new--visited: #a55858;
  --color-link-new--active: #faa700;
  --color-link-external: #36b;
  --color-link-external--visited: #636;
  --color-link-external--active: #b63;
  --color-footer-link: #0645ad;
  --color-footer-link--visited: #0b0080;
  --color-footer-link--active: #faa700;
  --color-toc-number: #202122;
  --font-family: 'Roboto', -apple-system, blinkmacsystemfont, 'Segoe UI', 'Oxygen', 'Ubuntu', 'Cantarell', 'Helvetica Neue', sans-serif;
  --font-family-serif: 'Linux Libertine', 'Times New Roman', 'Liberation Serif', 'Nimbus Roman', 'Noto Serif', 'Times', serif;
  --font-family-headings: var(--font-family-serif);
  --elevation: 0 2px 2px rgba( 0, 0, 0, 10% );
  --header-elevation: var(--elevation);
  --mask-background: rgba( 0, 0, 0, 0.8 );

For example, to change the header's color to a light blue (e.g. #4FC3F7), it would be:

:root {
  --color-header: #4FC3F7;


Parameter Type Default Description
$wgLakeusShowRepositoryLink Boolean true Determines whether to show the link to the skin's repository in the footer.
$wgLogos For now, only icon and wordmark are recognized; keys like svg, 1x, 1.5x or 2x are not used by the skin. Notice that other skins may utilize the image provided by icon AND other keys as well, so do not rely on the key to provide a icon only for this skin.
$wgLakeusSiteNoticeHasBorder Boolean false Determines whether to add a skin provided border to site notice. Enabling it can be useful for plain text notices, but if you've already got a border in your site notice content, you can leave it disabled.