Pune Language Engineering Meetup November 2012

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Symbiosis International University

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Event details:: Alolita Sharma
Email: asharma at wikimedia.org
Logistics: Srikanth Lakshmanan
slakshmanan at wikimedia.org

Meet the language team!

"Join us at this developer camp to help improve Indian language support for reading and writing articles on Wikipedia on desktop and mobile browsers. It will be hard work, a lot of fun and great accomplishment!"

"If you can't use a program in your own language as easily as in English, it's not a missing nice-to-have feature, but a bug."

"Free knowledge requires free fonts and input tools. For your language, you can help us!"

"You have a right to a proper user interface in your native tongue."

"I love writing code and I can help you get started. Everyone in the MediaWiki community is super friendly. Including me!"

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Also read.

Join the Wikipedia Language Engineering Team in Pune.

Language teams are Wikimedia community members with a common interest (compare with SIG) to help improve, provide feedback and help educate our language communities of readers and editors about Wikimedia software enhancements and tools built by the internationalization team. This meetup is to get a face-to-face introduction to language technologies available on the Wikimedia websites and learn more about how to best use these.


Wikimedians from all language Wikimedia projects especially with a focus on technology and language support are welcome at Wikimedia language engineering meetups. Prior experience with the MediaWiki software is not required. Translators with a linguistic background who can help improve language support for Wikimedia technology projects are also needed.


Pune Meetup Agenda

Language Engineering (Internationalization and Localization - i18n/L10n)
  • Introductions & What is a Language Team - Alolita
  • Introduce language tools that can be used on Indic wiki projects - Siebrand and Srikanth - do a presentation/demo (IME, Webfonts, ULS, Translate, translatewiki.net)
  • Introduction to our mediawiki.org Language Engineering Portal pages, who, what and how to ask for help - Srikanth and Alolita
  • Q&A on technical issues faced by community editors, admins (specifically language related; others are ok too)
  • If audience has detailed technical questions - then we can deep dive into those as needed.
  • Please read our Language Team plan at http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Internationalization_and_localization_tools/Language_Team_Plan
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» November 04:
1700 - 1900


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Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies and Research, Atur Centre, Gokhale Cross Road, Model Colony, Pune - 411016

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Logistics: Srikanth Lakshmanan

slakshmanan at wikimedia.org