Pune Hackathon Feb 2012

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Event Contacts
Mail: alolita at wikimedia dot org
Panic phone for emergencies:
+91 888 452 58 64

Meet the community.

"Join us at this hackathon to make Indic language support better for reading and writing articles on Wikipedia for desktop and mobile platforms. I promise you it will be a lot of fun and a great accomplishment!"

"If you can't use a program in your own language as easily as in English, it's not a missing nice-to-have feature, but a bug."

» Rachel

"Ice forever!"

"Free knowledge requires free fonts and input tools. For your language, you can help us!"

"You have a right to a proper user interface in your native tongue."

"I love writing code and I can help you get started. Everyone in the MediaWiki community is super friendly. Including me!"

"The mobile projects essentially give us a blank slate for Mediawiki development and interfacing with Wikipedia. This is a super exciting opportunity for us to build the next generation tools to allow for richer and more widespread participation in Mediawiki-based projects. Come help us make it happen!"

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Join the Wikipedia development community in Pune.

Wikimedia is holding a technical meetup in Pune, India alongside the GNUnify conference. This hackathon is a chance to learn how to develop using MediaWiki, Phonegap and our other technologies, and to work alongside experts. Software engineers, designers, and translators are welcome!

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Mumbai Hackathon

Hackers of all backgrounds are welcome at Wikimedia Hackathons and prior experience with the MediaWiki software is not required. Translators with a linguistic background who can help improve language support for Wikimedia technology projects are also needed.


Topics for the Hackathon.

Learn the basics during our Friday tutorial!
Learn the basics during our training on Friday!
  • Key enhancements to all things mobile
  • Creating new features and apps for geolocation, uploading photos, sharing, universal access
More topic information

Wikimedia organizes hackathons all year, around the world. Previous hackathon events were held in Mumbai, India Nov 19&20, 2011, Brighton, UK Nov 18-20, 2011, NOLA, USA Oct 14-16, 2011, Berlin, Germany May 13-15, 2011, Amsterdam, Netherlands Jan 14, 2011, Washington DC, USA Oct 22–24, 2010.

Pune attendees will include:

Hackathon logo
Hackathon logo

» February 10:
Introductions and Workshop
» February 11:
» February 12:
Hacking and Presentations


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Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies & Research(SICSR) at Symbiosis International University, Pune (How to reach)



Friday FEB 10
1300 - 1330 Registration
1330 - 1400 Introductions
1400 - 1700 MediaWiki workshop
1700+ networking
Saturday FEB 11
0900 - 0930 Registration
0930 - 1000 Introductions
1000 - 1300 Hacking
1300 - 1400 Lunch
1400 - 1800 Hacking
Sunday FEB 12
0900 - 0930 Registration
0930 - 1000 Introductions
1000 - 1300 Hacking
1300 - 1400 Lunch
1400 - 1600 Hacking
1600 - 1700 Presentations

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Hashtag #wmpune
IRC #mediawiki on FreeNode
Twitterwall wmpune

More information

Logistics: Rachel Farrand

rfarrand at wikimedia.org