Pratik Lahoti (BPositive)
Pratik Lahoti
Pratik Lahoti (BPositive)
Student, College of Engineering, Pune
Dream BIG! BPositive! Never Give Up!

About me

Hello, I am Pratik Lahoti, from Pune, India. I am a final year Information Technology student from College of Engineering, Pune. I am known on all wiki's as BPositive, and that's the attitude I carry with me! :) My journey on Wikipedia started as an editor. I was later selected as the Campus Ambassador for Wikipedia's India Education Program. I have also coordinated the WikiProject Indian Collaboration of the month whereby I carried out collaborations with editors from all over India. I am also a member of Wikipedia Club Pune. Owing to my contributions, I was fortunate to be a featured Wikimedian for the month of April 2012 on Wikimedia India. I am now getting into the technical side and have started contributing to MediaWiki by fixing some bugs! :)

My work

  • I have worked with Eaton Corporation as a summer intern whereby I developed a web based time tracking application for their employees
  • I have participated in the Google Cloud Developer challenge 2013 and developed the application Direct2Drive
  • I own a blog at WordPress where I post technical as well as non-technical posts.
  • I am a newbie as far as MediaWiki is concerned. I have recently started contributing by fixing some bugs
  • I am looking forward to participate in the Google Summer of Code 2014 and interested in the project "Tools for mass migration of legacy translated wiki content", mentored by Niklas Laxström & Federico Leva. You can check my proposal and give feedback.

Contact me

  • Wikipedia User Page: User:BPositive
  • GTalk IM:
  • IRC Nick: BPositive on freenode
  • Twitter : pr4tikl4hoti
  • Channels: #mediawiki, #mediawiki-i18n
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