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Faribi (talkcontribs)

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Vincent Eisfeld (talkcontribs)

Do you use MW 1.35? I got this error with Safari, Chrome, Explorer... but Mozilla works! I just change the PHP (from CGI/FastCGI to FPM).

Malyacko (talkcontribs) (talkcontribs)

I actually had the exact same issue, when i first installed mediawiki onto my domain 2 days ago. That it only worked on firefox.

I contacted my webhost and they were able to fix it on their end and now it works fine on all browsers and devices.

Peculiar Investor (talkcontribs)

It would be helpful to the community and those who have encountered this problem if you could share what the webhost changed/fixed that resolved the problem.

Faribi (talkcontribs) How do I view it in Google chrome other browser no

Reply to "Mediawiki error"

Showing weird characters on every page on my mediawiki

Michael13414 (talkcontribs)
Malyacko (talkcontribs)
Peculiar Investor (talkcontribs)

If you are running MediaWiki 1.35.x then Yes. Known issue T235554. There are a number of other topics here with possible workarounds to try.

Reply to "Showing weird characters on every page on my mediawiki"

Extension to add edit summary after page revision has been saved

Jonathan3 (talkcontribs)

Does such a thing exist? Sometimes I forget to add an edit summary, and sometimes it would be good to edit one that's been made. Thanks.

Reply to "Extension to add edit summary after page revision has been saved"
2600:8800:5009:9800:E83D:52:FF3A:E31F (talkcontribs)

I just completely hosed my install by accidentally deleting the "SpecialPage" subfolder. Now the wiki won't load at all. Is there way to a "repair install" of the application?

Malyacko (talkcontribs)

Download a tarball release of the corresponding version of your wiki and copy that subfolder with the correct permissions from the tarball release to your installation, I'd say. :)

2600:8800:5009:9800:E83D:52:FF3A:E31F (talkcontribs)

I'll give that a shot, thanks

Bawolff (talkcontribs)

you could also just take the latest version of mediawiki and follow the Upgrade instructions.

Reply to "Repair Install?"

Navbox, can't seem to get it working

2 (talkcontribs)

Hi there, I'm sure questions have been asked regarding Navbox before, however I've search google, mediawiki, youtube, wikipedia and can't seem to find the exact thing.

So I've compiled the so called code for a Navbox, based on templates found on Wikipedia and Mediawiki. I've tested the code on the wikipedia website and it works, however when I go and save it on my own wiki, the navbox comes up as so:

Template:Navbox Template:Collapsible option

and in red.

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, I copy across the same compilation into a pre-existing Wikipedia template just to test it out and the template appears correctly in the preview option.

I would assume that there is something else that needs to be enabled or turned on somewhere?

I am running the latest version of Mediawiki, I have double checked and I do have those extensions that people have vaguely mentioned in other posts Parserfunction and Scribunto, however I have not touched anything in there as I am not sure on where to go or what to do as I can't seem to find anything online relating to the exact issue i present above.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I do apologise in advance if this is a stupid question. I've only just installed mediawiki and played around with it the last 2 days :)

Malyacko (talkcontribs)

The two links link to non-existing pages. Also, which specific documentation (link) do you follow?

Reply to "Navbox, can't seem to get it working"

Internal error in User contributions

Vincent Eisfeld (talkcontribs)

[0fe91469151f9dc138e82b4c] /wiki/Spezial:Beitr%C3%A4ge/93.XXX.XX.XXX Error from line 67 of /var/www/vhosts/ Class 'LightnCandy\LightnCandy' not found

Error from line 67 of /var/www/vhosts/ Class 'LightnCandy\LightnCandy' not found


#0 /var/www/vhosts/ TemplateParser->__construct()

#1 /var/www/vhosts/ ContribsPager->__construct()

#2 /var/www/vhosts/ SpecialContributions->execute()

#3 /var/www/vhosts/ SpecialPage->run()

#4 /var/www/vhosts/ MediaWiki\SpecialPage\SpecialPageFactory->executePath()

#5 /var/www/vhosts/ MediaWiki->performRequest()

#6 /var/www/vhosts/ MediaWiki->main()

#7 /var/www/vhosts/ MediaWiki->run()

#8 /var/www/vhosts/ wfIndexMain()

#9 {main}

Version: MW 1.35.1

Malyacko (talkcontribs)
Vincent Eisfeld (talkcontribs)

I upgraded from 1.35.0 to 1.35.1. Maybe something is wrong with the files?

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Robots.txt to prevent crawling Special pages

Jonathan3 (talkcontribs)

My article pages are at

Special pages are at e.g.

I've seen Manual:Robots.txt#With_short_URLs but I'm not sure the example there is exactly what I need. Can anyone help?

In fact, it would probably be good to prevent crawling of all non-article pages. Some of my Category pages are quite resource intensive as they have DPL and/or Cargo queries.

Bawolff (talkcontribs)

major search engines support * wildcards in robots.txt files i believe, which can be used for this purpose. I think wikipedia does so

Jonathan3 (talkcontribs)

Thanks. Does this look OK?

User-agent: *
Disallow: /Special:*
Disallow: /index.php*
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Change default text in search bar

Shadibasyuni (talkcontribs)

How can I change the default text in my search bar. On desktop view it is currently correct but on mobile view the name of the site is wrong ("&amp;" is coming up in between my wiki title)

Reply to "Change default text in search bar"
Michael Musto (talkcontribs)

How can it be achieved that the multimedia viewer summarizes a complete and correct indication of license and author for the copy + paste function of the license?

Bawolff (talkcontribs)
Michael Musto (talkcontribs)

Thanks! Yes, I have this <code>wfLoadExtension( 'CommonsMetadata' );</code> since installed the viewer but nothing happens.

Reply to "Multimedia Viewer"

Can I proceed to delete these users from the database?

Goodman Andrew (talkcontribs)

I have deleted their contributions, but they all have a message in their user_talk which was added by the extension:new_user_message when they signed up, but since that is not their contributions technically, would it caused a problem?

In other words, must I removed the talk message from their user_talk page before I proceed? But there's no easy way to do this, unlike their contributions which was easily removed with Special:Nuke.

The maintenance script: RemoveUnsedAccount.php doesn't seem to work, maybe because of the welcome talk message in them.

Please advise.

This trouble concerns MW_1_35

Malyacko (talkcontribs)

deleted their contributions how? Please provide clear steps.

Goodman Andrew (talkcontribs)

@Malyacko: Their only contributions was in the user namespace, where they wrote nonsense and added a url, so I just Nuke their userpage, but I couldn't nuke the associated talk_page where the only message there is the one added by the extension:new_user_message.

Goodman Andrew (talkcontribs)

Strange but I went ahead an risk it.

What I have discovered is, even when I deleted the user from the database the number of registered user from Special:Statistics hasn't changed yet and the talk_page message still exist even when the Unser is deleted from the database.

But when I visit the user page for example Christy57J, MediaWiki says: 'User account "Christy57J" is not registered. Please check if you want to create/edit this page.'

But when I visit it user_talk page, I see the welcome message that was added by extension:new_user_message when the account was registered.

Is there something I should worry about or proceed to delete all the account I wanted likewise?

@Bawolff: @Malyacko:

Malyacko (talkcontribs)

(Please don't ping random people for no reason - thanks a lot!)

Reply to "Can I proceed to delete these users from the database?"