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MediaWiki 1.26 est une ancienne version de MediaWiki qui n'est plus supportée. Consultez le fichier Notes de version pour avoir la liste complète des changements. Elle est actuellement déployée sur les wikis de la Wikimedia Foundation avec les branches incrémentielles « 1.26/wmfNN » depuis le 8 avril 2015 (voir les détails de chacune). La version stable 1.26.0 a été publiée le mercredi 25 Novembre 2015. Téléchargez la dernière image ou récupérez la branche REL1_26 avec Git pour suivre cette version.

Nouvelles fonctionnalités

Information sur les observateurs « effectifs » d'une page

Il est désormais possible d’utiliser l’action info (disponible dans le menu latéral) pour obtenir le nombre de personnes suivant effectivement une page, en plus du nombre de personnes ayant la page dans leur liste de suivi (exemple).

Cette information simplifiera la collaboration sur votre wiki, par exemple en donnant une idée aux contributeurs du nombres d’utilisateurs actifs qui ont remarqué leurs dernières modifications ou en permettant d’avoir une estimation raisonnable de l’impact qu’aura un message sur une page de discussion.


  • Change tags can now be hidden in the interface by disabling the associated "tag-<id>" interface message. (see the respective commit message)
  • Support for generating JPEG/PNG thumbnails from WebP images added if ImageMagick is used as image scaler ($wgUseImageMagick = true). Uploading of WebP images still disabled by default. Add $wgFileExtensions [] = 'webp'; to LocalSettings.php to enable uploading of WebP images. phab:T50519

Informations pour les administrateurs et développeurs MediaWiki


  • ResourceLoader now loads all scripts asynchronously. The top-queue and startup modules no longer block synchronous loading.
  • ResourceLoader minification is now cached in APC memory (if available) instead of the local database.
  • Caches that need purging ability now use the WANObjectCache interface. This corresponds to a new $wgMainWANCache setting, which defaults to using the $wgMainCacheType settings. Different caches can be used by setting it to another cache in $wgWANObjectCaches .
  • Callers needing fast light-weight data stores use $wgMainStash to select the store type from $wgObjectCaches . The default is the local database.
  • Interface message overrides in the MediaWiki namespace will now be cached in memcached and APC (if available), rather than memcached and local files.
  • $wgTransactionalTimeLimit was added, which controls the request time limit for potentially slow POST requests that need to be as atomic as possible.

Nouveaux crochets

  • A new hook, 'LogException ', was added to log exceptions in non-standard ways.
  • Revive the 'SpecialSearchResultsAppend ' hook which occurs after the list of search results are rendered. The initial use case is to append a "give us feedback" link beneath the search results.
  • Added a new hook, 'RejectParserCacheValue ', which allows extensions to reject an otherwise-successful parser cache lookup. The intent is to allow extensions to manage the eviction of archaic HTML output from the cache.
  • Added new hooks 'EnhancedChangesListModifyLineData ' & 'EnhancedChangesListModifyBlockLineData ', to modify the data used to build lines in enhanced recentchanges and watchlist.
  • Added a new hook, 'RandomPageQuery ', to allow modification of the query used by Special:Random to select random pages.

Notes de mise à jour pour les administrateurs d’installations MediaWiki

Mise en évidence de la syntaxe avec la nouvelle bibliothèque Pygments

Changements brisant la compatibilité

  • Deprecated API formats dump and wddx have been removed completely.
  • $wgResourceLoaderUseESI was deprecated and removed. This was an experimental feature that was never enabled by default.
  • $wgResourceLoaderExperimentalAsyncLoading was deprecated and removed. This experimental feature was never enabled by default and is obsolete as of MediaWiki 1.26; ResourceLoader now is fully asynchronous.
  • $wgMasterWaitTimeout was removed (deprecated in 1.24).
  • Fields in ParserOptions are now private. Use the accessors instead.
  • Extension:SyntaxHighlight GeSHi has been rewritten and switched from the 3rd party library GeSHi to the 3rd party library Pygments. It requires that your system has Python 2.6+ or Python 3.3+ installed. Additionally, if you have modified the CSS output with custom rules, these rules might need adjustment. See also ResourceLoader/Migration guide (users)#Font mw-geshi.
  • If Extension:HitCounters/fr is in use and has not been installed correctly (especially: if update.php has not been run in MediaWiki 1.25 with extension HitCounters installed) or if you are updating from a MediaWiki version older than 1.25, then with the upgrade to MediaWiki 1.26 the hit numbers will be removed from your database and the functionality will break. See Extension:HitCounters/fr for more information!

ResourceLoader asynchronicity and other JavaScript changes

Site scripts, user scripts and gadgets may cease to work in 1.26 unless they are updated. For gadgets in particular, ResourceLoader is no longer opt-in and is instead now mandatory. See this migration guide on how to fix.

Module position for style modules

The feature was removed in MediaWiki 1.27.

This release introduces the ability to move module styles from the top to the bottom of the HTML output (similar to what could already be done with dynamic script modules). Previously, module styles were always loaded from the top.

Loading a style module with no explicit load position declared will produce a debug warning "Style module should define its position". Developers are recommended to explicitly declare the desired load position in ResourceModules .

In a PHP file, this may look as follows:

$wgResourceModules['ext.Example.styles'] = array(
	'position' => 'top',
	'styles' => array(

If the module is declared via extension.json or skin.json, it may look like the following:

"ResourceModules": {
	"ext.Example.styles": {
		"position": "top",
		"styles": {


  • $wgEnableParserCache was deprecated. Set $wgParserCacheType = CACHE_NONE instead if you want to disable the parser cache.
  • Certain AuthPlugin methods are deprecated in favor of new hooks as part of the upcoming AuthManager system:
    • AuthPlugin::initUser() is replaced by LocalUserCreated.
    • AuthPlugin::updateUser() is replaced by UserLoggedIn.
    • AuthPlugin::updateExternalDB() is replaced by the existing UserSaveSettings.
    • AuthPlugin::updateExternalDBGroups() is replaced by UserGroupsChanged.
    • AuthPluginUser::isHidden() is replaced by UserIsHidden.
    • AuthPluginUser::isLocked() is replaced by UserIsLocked.
  • The UserRights hook is deprecated in favor of the new UserGroupsChanged hook.
  • AuthPlugin::initUser() and AuthPlugin::updateUser() should no longer replace the passed User object.

Changements de configuration

  • The ':' (colon) character is now invalid in usernames for new accounts. Existing accounts are not affected.
  • The expiration of the UserID and Token login cookies ($wgExtendedLoginCookieExpiration ) can be configured independently of the expiration of all other cookies ($wgCookieExpiration ). [1]
  • Users installing the Vector skin through composer will need to add wfLoadSkin( 'Vector' ); to their LocalSettings.php, it will no longer happen automatically.
  • $wgPasswordResetRoutes ['email'] is now true by default.
  • The "Signature" button on the edit toolbar is now hidden by default in non-talk namespaces. A new configuration variable, $wgExtraSignatureNamespaces , controls in which subject (non-talk) namespaces the "Signature" button on the edit toolbar will be displayed. [2]
  • $wgBlockAllowsUTEdit is now set to true by default. This allows blocked users to edit their talk pages unless explicitly disabled when they are being blocked. It does not affect existing blocks.

Modifications sur l'API

  • New-style continuation is now the default for API action=continue. Clients may use the 'rawcontinue' parameter to receive raw query-continue data, but the new style is encouraged as it's harder to implement incorrectly.
  • The deprecated dump and wddx formats were removed entirely.
  • The formatting of log parameters changed in logevents, recentchanges, and watchlist query modules (announcement)
  • action=import will now give an error if both the rootpage and namespace parameters are passed (announcement)
  • The output of meta=siteinfo while using formatversion=2 changed slightly (announcement)
  • The generatexml parameter to action=parse, prop=revisions, and prop=deletedrevisions is now deprecated (announcement)
  • list=random now has higher limits: 500 for normal users, 5000 for bots

Les modifications de schéma

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Calendrier des publications

Les dates prévues pour les nouvelles de la branche 1.26 sont les suivantes :

Publication Date
1.26.0 2015-11-25
1.26.1 2015-12-18[1]
1.26.2 2015-12-22[2]
1.26.3 2016-05-20[3]
1.26.4 2016-08-22[4]