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This page is a translated version of the page Help:ApiSandbox and the translation is 33% complete.
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Apiサンドボックス (ApiSandbox) は、MediaWiki API をブラウザーのフォームで実験/試用できるようにします。 Salil P. A. が提案した GSoC に発想を得たものです。


On a wiki with ApiSandbox installed, go to Special:ApiSandbox. Choose action, format and other parameters. The sandbox displays interactive help for every request parameter. Then click the "リクエストする" button. ApiSandbox makes the request to api.php on your behalf and displays the result below in the format you chose. You can copy the request URL (and POST data, if needed) for reuse.

You can preload ApiSandbox form parameters by putting the query string to api.php in the URL fragment, for example the query /w/api.php?action=languagesearch&search=Maratih&typos=1 becomes Special:ApiSandbox#action=languagesearch&format=json&search=Maratih&typos=1.

Note that, despite it being called a sandbox, any write requests performed with this extension will modify the wiki.

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