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For now this is an initial page listing some of my personal priorities for the MediaWiki Labs/future workgroup. Individual projects will be solidifying into the roadmap and requests for comment pages as well. --brion 21:28, 11 April 2011 (UTC)

Some of these projects are high on Brion's personal list, but haven't yet had official resources assigned to them. Hopefully we'll get some of them started in 2011 while the parser projects are still in play.

Project What's it for? Who's into it?

(Add yourself!)

Gadget Studio Make it easier to create, edit, debug, and safely share custom client-side JavaScript and CSS extensions. Sharing across sites and shared maintenance of common resources (with translation, etc) a plus. ...
Interactive Visuals Allow safe scripting of client-side SVG for interactive drawings, diagrams, maps. May tie in with gadget studio. ...
Communication flow ( Flow?) Decouple threading conversations from monolithic wiki talk pages: centralize your 'messages' and 'watchlists' into a streaming inbox of activity that's related to you. (bug 21610?) ...
Real-time collaboration Reduce reliance on external tools for chat (IRC) and multiuser editing (etherpad). Integrate presence, chat, realtime activity views, and multiuser page editing into MediaWiki. Brion, Trevor, Neil