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Hi there. I'm Neil Kandalgaonkar. You can call me Neil K, and that works for email and wikitext too.

I worked at the Wikimedia Foundation from December 2009 - January 2012, primarily as a software engineer focused on multimedia and usability.

As of June 2014 I have taken on a short part-time contract with the Wikimedia Foundation once again, to help with the next iteration of media tools.

You can follow my checkins to MediaWiki source.

Contact info[edit]

You can find out more about me at my personal website,

E-mail: neilk at a server called

IRC: neilk or neilk_ at various networks, like

What I've done for Wikimedia & MediaWiki[edit]

Stuff I am primarily responsible for:

  • Extension:UploadWizard
  • The upload stashing system in MediaWiki
  • the jQueryMsg JavaScript internationalization library, which has since become part of the "banana" system used everywhere on Wikimedia sites
  • various other JavaScript utility libraries, such as mw.Uri.js and mw.Feedback.js
  • a hack to use Etherpad to edit MediaWiki pages, including an extension to export credentials from MediaWiki to Etherpad so identities cannot be spoofed (Extension:IdentityApi)
  • Some hacks for the new JavaScript/node.js parsing system, and exposing it via the MediaWiki API
  • and lots more

Stuff I was involved in:

  • The new blob store, which eventually used OpenStack Swift (requirements definition, reviewing technologies)
  • The UploadCampaign project which defines special configurations for UploadWizard. It is particularly useful for specialized uploading communities like Wiki Loves Monuments. Jeroen De Dauw implemented most of this, with some light supervision from me.
  • Extension:TimedMediaHandler (reviewing)
  • mentored Google Summer of Code project, Extension:ArchiveLinks (unfinished, not deployed)
  • created the page(s) and utilities for the SOPA blackout
  • more than I can recall at the moment

Work logs from when I worked at the Wikimedia Foundation[edit]

In the interest of transparency, I kept a public work log.

Work Log

Notes (mostly obsolete)[edit]

Some notes for personal use. I've noticed that when I keep them on the wiki, elves magically appear to improve them sometimes.

Extension:UploadWizard/Location a spec for a location widget for uploads, never implemented, although it wouldn't take long.

Sitemaps notes on what Wikimedia is doing with sitemaps (as of 2012, still not fixed)

Commons titles revision ideas for making titles and URLs and filenames on Commons easier to work with (an idea, never implemented)

Wiki Loves Monuments small features that Wiki Loves Monuments would like from UploadWizard we did most of this for WLM 2011.