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Most of this was implemented already by Jeroen de Dauw with some help from myself in summer 2011


WikiLovesMonuments is an annual photo contest associated with Wikimedia Commons. During a specific time period (in 2011, the month of September) volunteers take pictures of monuments. Soon after, they upload these freely-licensed images to Wikimedia Commons. These are then judged as part of a contest.

Organizers in each location, traditionally various countries in Europe, have a checklist of monuments to cover and each monument has an ID. Uploaders have previously been expected to use this special ID as the parameter to a "template" in their MediaWiki upload. Uploaders also have to be instructed to use one particular license, which may vary with the jurisdiction.

The goal of this project is simplify and streamline the experience for WLM volunteers by customizing Extension:UploadWizard, both in the general flow and in the specific case for each country.

In most cases the developer will work with the organizers to create a framework that the organizers can then customize for each country.

Important dates[edit]

The contest runs from September 1-30, 2011.

It is expected that volunteers will need time to do the appropriate customizations for each country, after the framework is in place.

So, these customizations should be deployed no later than August 8, 2011.

And the changes to UploadWizard should be reviewed and committed no later than August 1, 2011.

Also, be aware that the Wikimania conference is taking place from August 4-7, and most reviewers will be on vacation, travelling, or otherwise unavailable both before and after the conference. So in reality, we'd like to see this more or less done by end of July.

Neil may be taking vacation in late August.

User roles[edit]

  • Uploaders have participated by taking photos of monuments, and will be given a specific URL to upload their work by their local WLM organizers.
  • Reviewers participate by checking out all the files uploaded by Uploaders for quality, legality, etc. and also vote on quality
  • Viewers are typical users of Wikimedia Commons, who might be browsing files for any reason.

User Stories[edit]

When UploadWizard is in its WikiLovesMonuments mode, the following User Stories should apply:

An Uploader

  • does not see the standard Wikimedia Licensing tutorial
    • nice to have: instead, show a "WikiLovesMonuments" splash screen instead, customized to their country and interface language
  • is only given the licensing option appropriate to their jurisdiction
  • is given the ability to enter in an identification number for the monument depicted (assume they already know it)

A Reviewer

  • can find WikiLovesMonuments uploads easily that need reviewing/judging/rating

A Viewer

  • when seeing a file uploaded as a part of WikiLovesMonuments, sees a special section noting this is a WLM file, modified with the identification number of the monument.

Implementation ideas[edit]

UploadWizard is already highly configurable. In general, we need a way to load a secondary config, simultaneously with UploadWizard, at a special URL. For instance, Netherlanders might be given one URL, and Germans another.

Possible methods:

  • Commons allows a withJS parameter, but it is slow, and specific to Commons' wacky setup anyway (it's a Vector site skin customization)
  • perhaps subURLs that modify config, e.g. Special:UploadWizard/WLM/NL
  • use a campaign= parameter (which will be even more general than WikiLovesMonuments, like campaign=wlm-ch-de-2011 for WikiLovesMonuments Switzerland (German) 2011. But then, where are the campaigns defined? More config? Database?

Changing the tutorial[edit]

We can already skip the tutorial with skiptutorial=true, but that should be part of this extra config...

The splash screen can be customized in the same way that the current licensing tutorial was -- we'll upload vector art good for say English/UK, and then let others modify it.

Only offer "ownwork"[edit]

Needs code changes to make this configurable. Currently it is assumed we don't know if the license is ownwork or not.

Only offer a single license appropriate to the country[edit]

Easy to do if we already have a secondary config; we just blow away all the other licenses and substitute only one.

Still need to have the user 'sign' it (or do we?? can we automatically assume compliance??

However the "ownwork" case of the current wizard assumes the existence of other options; add code to make sure it doesn't offer option to switch.

Custom field(s) per license[edit]

Presumably this will be a kind of JS widget, customized for the location and language, which accepts a single id number (anything else??) and then generates wikitext to call an appropriate template. This template will generate whatever custom HTML needs to be seen on the file's page.

If this is too difficult, maybe the organizers will have to help them insert wikitext in the "other" field.

n.b. The current upload wizard needs to be configured/coded for all widgets on the page; unfortunately it's not like a form where it just picks up whatever widgets appear to be there.

Adding WLM files to a work queue for reviewers[edit]

Should get this for free with autocategory configuration option. Reviewers then have to remove the category.

Check if multiple categories are needed -- for instance, reviewed for content & license, then whatever other metadata is needed for the contest.