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Structured Discussions/Rollout

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  1. Releases: A fairly high-level overview of changes to Structured Discussions.
  2. Rollout: List of wikis that have been Structured Discussions-enabled
  3. Process: steps to enable Structured Discussions on a wiki and a page.


How do we proceed:

  1. The latest Structured Discussions code appears on the beta cluster (test page).
  2. Every Tuesday between 18:00 and 20:00 UTC, the Structured Discussions code goes out with the new MediaWiki release to mediawiki.org (test page).
  3. On Thursday, that MediaWiki release is deployed on wikis

To see in detail what's changed:

(Older notes can be seen in this revision.)


The following is a listing of wikis, with current Structured Discussions status. Also see wikis where Structured Discussions is available as a Beta feature or by default.

Code Language Project Status Decisions Trial location if any Notes
mw - MediaWiki default 2013-12:
  • All LiquidThreads pages have been converted.
  • Many other pages have been manually converted upon request.
en.wp English Wikipedia Removed from en.wp 2014-02 (implement trials)
2016-11 (removed)
en:Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Hampshire Discontinued
en:Wikipedia_talk:WikiProject_Breakfast/Flow_archive Discontinued (phab:T122961)
See also:phab:T148611: Plan to disable Structured Discussions on Enwiki
phab:T78640: The en:Wikipedia:Co-op project proposal
he.wp Hebrew Wikipedia manual, ongoing 2014-09 (emailed request) שיחת ויקיפדיה:זרימה
fr.wp French Wikipedia Beta feature 2014-09 - Help desk [1]

2015-08 - User talk pages

2016-06 - Beta

fr:Wikipédia:Flow/Bac à sable
ca.wp Catalan Wikipedia Beta Feature 2014-12 Entire Project_talk: namespace converted

2015-12 Beta feature request [2]

ca:Viquipèdia:La taverna/Tecnicismes
Officewiki[1] default 2014-12 Most of officewiki is converted, converted 7 LQT pages
pt.wp Portuguese Wikipedia test pages 2015-01 [3] pt:Wikipédia:Contato/Fale com a Wikipédiapt:Wikipédia:Contato/Fale com a Wikipédia
pa.wp Punjabi Wikipedia test pages 2015-03 (emailed request)
te.wp Telugu Wikipedia test pages 2015-03 (emailed request)
zh.wp Chinese Wikipedia Beta feature 2015-03 [4]
ru.wp Russian Wikipedia test page 2015-03 [5] ru:Обсуждение Википедии:Поток ru:Википедия:Песочница/Flow
d - Wikidata Beta feature 2015-06 [6] Request for Beta feature [7] Some community boards are using Flow.
pl.wp Polish Wikipedia not yet 2015-07 [8] and [9] pl:Pomoc:Pytania nowicjuszy
sv.wp Swedish Wikipedia not yet 2015-07 [10] sv:Wikipediadiskussion:Flow
c Commons removed from Commons 2018-01 [11] Commons_talk:Flow Discontinued
Commons_talk:Flow/tests Discontinued
Consensus to uninstall.[12] Flow deactivated instead.
lv.wp Latvian Wikipedia 2015-08 [13]
fa.wp Persian Wikipedia trial pages 2015-09 [14] - 2017-02 Three help pages:
fa:ویکی‌پدیا:درخواست راهنمایی
fa:ویکی‌پدیا:پرسش‌های متفرقه
fr.wikt French Wiktionary trial page 2015-09 [15] Wikt:fr:Wiktionnaire:Questions sur les mots/Flow
wmse Swedish Chapter 2015-09 [16] All LiquidThreads pages have been converted
ar.wp Arabic Wikipedia Beta feature 2015-10 [17]



Two community pages since August 2016.
wmfi Finnish Chapter 2015-10 [18] All LiquidThreads pages have been converted
bs.wp Bosnian Wikipedia Beta feature 2015-11 [19]
ur.wp Urdu Wikipedia Beta feature 2015-11 [20]
pt.wb Portuguese Wikibooks Pending since 2015-11 [21] Pending LQT conversion
gom.wp Konkani Wikipedia default 2016-02 Local consensus Prabricator task All talk pages and discussion pages are in Structured Discussions format.
kab.wp Kabyle Wikipedia trial pages + user talk pages 2016-04 - 2016-07
fr.ws French Wikisource Beta feature 2016-04 Beta feature vote
no.wp Norwegian Wikipedia Beta feature 2016-05
id.wp Indonesian Wikipedia trial pages + help desk 2016-05 Wikipedia:Flow/Bak_pasir 



species - Wikispecies Beta feature 2016-05 Request for Beta feature
fr.wo French Wikivoyage Beta feature 2016-05 Vote for Beta, Phab task
outreach: Outreach Beta Feature 2016-05 Discussion for Beta
fr.wq French Wikiquote Beta feature 2016-06 Request for Beta
el.wp Greek Wikipedia Beta feature 2016-10 Request for Beta
fr.wv French Wikiversity Beta feature 2016-06/2017-04 T162022
ca.wq Catalan Wikiquote default 2017-05-06 T164498 for the Beta feature

2017-05-30 T165497 for default activation

wa.wp Wallon Wikipedia Beta feature 2017-08 T172947
wa.wikt Wallon Wiktionary Beta feature
or.wp Odia Wikipedia trial pages 2017-09 T110846

2018-10 T206317



Past/Ongoing discussions
Code Language Project Initial Sandbox and feedback pages Trial location Opt-in for usertalk Notes
ko Korean Wikipedia request here (to be followed-up)
s:en English Wikisource discussion
fi Finnish Wikipedia discussion
cs Czech Wikipedia 2015-12 [22] - not yet
or Oria Wikipedia Phab:T110846
m Meta 1, 2, 3, 4 n/a no Structured Discussions was uninstalled from Meta, by consensus.

(Older notes can be seen in Discussions/Rollout&oldid=1844075 this revision.)


Requesting Structured Discussions at a new wiki[edit]

  • No new deployments of Structured Discussions are being made.

Ways in which enabling Structured Discussions affects a wiki[edit]

Structured Discussions does not affect any non-special pages of a wiki other than the page(s) where Structured Discussions has been deployed.


You will see slight differences in Structured Discussions entries in:

  • RecentChanges
  • Special:Contributions
  • Watchlist
  • Special:Log

We're working to make those entries look more like page edits.


Each Structured Discussions topic has its own history. The Structured Discussions board is currently the history of topic-level changes. We're working to make it look and behave more like a page history.

Moderating content

Currently, deletion and suppression are done from the Structured Discussions board, by using the action menu next to a topic or post. In the future, we will move deletion and suppression actions to the history to make them work more like RevisionDeletion

Pagelinks, imagelinks, categorylinks, etc.

This functionality is not yet implemented, but work on it is currently in progress.

Steps in activating the Structured Discussions extension on a Wikimedia wiki[edit]

Steps in enabling Structured Discussions on a talk page on a Wikimedia wiki[edit]

On wikis where Structured Discussions are available as a Beta feature, go to the Beta Features tab in your preferences.

To enable Structured Discussions on an other talk page, see How to request Structured Discussions? If your community has decided to use Structured Discussions, someone with the flow-create-board right will use Special:EnableStructuredDiscussions to create the page.

Steps on converting an entire namespace to Structured Discussions (for developers)[edit]

  • Check translation status at TranslateWiki.net. In addition to general status, check:
    • The archive prefix (flow-conversion-archive-page-name-format).
    • The name of the template (flow-importer-wt-converted-template).
    • The content of the template (flow-importer-wt-converted-template-content).
  • If the FlowCreateTemplates.php script was run before those updates, some updates to the wiki may be needed (e.g. the template content and name).
  • mwscript extensions/Flow/maintenance/convertNamespaceFromWikitext.php --wiki=somewiki 'Namespace_name'
  • in 1.34 and older:
    • mwscript populateContentModel.php --wiki=somewiki --ns=namespace_numeric_id --table=revision
    • mwscript populateContentModel.php --wiki=somewiki --ns=namespace_numeric_id --table=archive
    • mwscript populateContentModel.php --wiki=somewiki --ns=namespace_numeric_id --table=page
  • Immediately after the above, deploy a change that updates wmgFlowNamespaces in InitialiseSettings.php.


  1. Private Wikimedia Foundation wiki.