Firefox users and session loss bug

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If you see the error message below, and you are using the Firefox browser, then it might be because of a known browser bug. The steps to fix it, are below.

To fix the problem

  1. Open a new tab or window
  2. type or paste about:config in the address bar, and click [Enter]. (There might be a warning screen after this)
  3. right-click anywhere in the table of results
  4. select New
  5. select Integer
  6. type or paste network.cookie.maxPerHost as the preference name, and click [ok]
  7. type a value (see below), and click [ok]
  8. Done!
  • (You might need to reload the page, or re-log-in, or restart your browser, for the fix to start working. But probably not.)

Value: any number between 200 and 2000 should work fine. Estimate 5+ cookies per wiki, and only count the project (e.g. Wiktionary) that you access the most languages of.

Further information