Firefox users and session loss bug

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If you see the error message below, and you are using the Firefox browser, then it might be because of a known browser bug. The steps to fix it, are below.

The same problem with the SeaMonkey (Mozilla) browser can be fixed the same way, only remember to restart your browser afterwards.

To fix the problem

  1. Open a new tab or window
  2. type or paste about:config in the address bar, and click [Enter]. (There might be a warning screen after this. Continue only if you are an experienced user)
  3. right-click anywhere in the table of results (Pay attention not to alter the existing data)
  4. select New
  5. select Integer
  6. type or paste network.cookie.maxPerHost as the preference name, and click [ok]
  7. type a value (see below), and click [ok]
  8. Done!
  • (You might need to reload the page, or re-log-in, or restart your browser, for the fix to start working. But probably not.)

Value: any number between 200 and 2000 should work fine. Estimate 5+ cookies per wiki, and only count the project (e.g. Wiktionary) that you access the most languages of.

Further information