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This page is a translated version of the page Firefox users and session loss bug and the translation is 62% complete.
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Firefox 71+

  1. Open a new tab or window
  2. type or paste about:config in the address bar, and click "Enter". (There might be a warning screen after this. Continue only if you are an experienced user)
  3. type or paste network.cookie.maxPerHost in the search bar
  4. if the preference exists, click the pencil icon to edit it. Otherwise select "Number" and click the plus icon
  5. enter a value (see below), and click the tick icon to save
  6. Yes 完成
  • (You might need to reload the page, or re-log-in, or restart your browser, for the fix to start working. But probably not.)

Firefox 70 and lower

  1. 打开新标签或新窗口
  2. 在地址栏输入或粘贴about:config,并点击[Enter]。(之后可能会出现警告屏幕。只当您是有经验的用户时才可继续)
  3. 在结果表任意位置右键点击(小心不要改变现有数据)
  4. 选择New(新建)
  5. 选择Integer(整数)
  6. 输入或粘贴network.cookie.maxPerHost作为参考名,并点击[ok](确定)
  7. 输入值(见下方),并点击[ok](确定)
  8. Yes 完成
  • (您可能需要重新载入页面、重新登录或重启您的浏览器,这样修复会开始工作。但也可能无法工作。)

:在200~2000之间的任意数字就可工作。 估计每个wiki5个以上cookie,并只计算您访问最多语言的项目数(例如维基词典)。