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A Fandom (korábban Wikicities, majd Wikia) ingyenes, hirdetések által finanszírozott wikiszolgáltatás, amely a MediaWiki verzióját használja. Its main focus is wikis related to pop culture such as TV shows, movies and video games.

Fandom was co-founded by Jimmy Wales, who also co-created Wikipedia and the Wikimedia Foundation, and has had several other Wikimedia Foundation board members among its executives. For that reason, it has sometimes been described as the commercial arm of the Wikimedia Foundation. However, there is no official connection between Fandom and either Wikipedia or the Wikimedia Foundation.


In 2020, Fandom released its Unified Community Platform (UCP), which enabled its wikis to again make use of standard MediaWiki after having relied on a heavily forked version for many years.

A Fandom UCP előtti Git-repozitóriuma itt található:

A privát UCP-repozitórium, a címen található. See this page for additional information.


Egyes kiterjesztések a Wikimédia hivatalos Git-repozitóriumában, leírásaik pedig A Fandom kiterjesztései kategóriában találhatók meg.

Other extensions are still located in Fandom's own Git repository, in the folder /extensions/wikia/. It is likely that most of the extensions have dependency on Nirvana (found at /includes/wikia/nirvana), the EasyTemplate class (found at /includes/wikia/ folder on Fandom's Git) and/or they might require custom database tables. Néhány kiterjesztés nem kompatibilis az újabb verziókkal.

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