Wikia code


These are a set of diffs of REL1_16 vs a recent version of Wikia Trunk. REL1_16 was the base, the wikia trunk was the changed version

CSS/JS changes ignored, as were images etc and the messages folder

Many of these changes are likely to be able to be upstreamed to the MediaWiki respository, though, it will not always be appropriate/possible. Be aware files may have been split, moved, deleted or renamed. Feel free to edit the diffs if you upstream changes (or delete the page if now empty), or if a change isn't appropriate to be upstreamed.

It may be deemed appropriate to diff JS and CSS Files (though, with 1.17 and related ResourceLoader changes, this is probably a pointless exercise). Having said that, doing a reverse diff, to account for any files added by Wikia may be appropriate at a later date.

A quick search suggests there is an addition of over 100 new hooks, which would be great to bring into core (I know some people have already upstreamed them where appropriate), so may already exist in MediaWiki trunk HEAD.

Helping out: A current convention is to completely process a file, then move it to the same page but with a "_DONE" suffix. Some of these moves left redirects behind, so ignore pages that are redirects (ie: are in italics) or end in "_DONE".