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Barny1952 (talkcontribs)

I am running Mediawiki version 1.30. I have inserted the line <wfLoadExtension( 'InputBox' );> in LocalSettings.php . In addition I have downloaded the latest <InputBox>-files and copied them into /extensions/InputBox/. But in Special:Version this extension <InputBox> did not appear in the listing. And after writing





in the main page did not make appear the create box.

Can anybody help me?

Addendum: Now it works. I have changed the chmod of LocalSettings.php to 644. By upgrading my wikimedia installation it was set to 444. (talkcontribs)

Is there a way to look for/create pages with suffixes, as in prefix? If not, I don't suppose it would be a viable implementation? It'd be hella useful in some case. (talkcontribs)


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How can I allow a user to search by pageid?

Stevenpcox (talkcontribs)

I would like users to be able to look up an article based on pageid.

Using ?curid=PAGEID I can add the pageid to a url and go directly to the page. I would like to have a search function where the user input the pageid into a field, mediawiki appends the URL and the desired page opens up.

This should be easy. The only thing I cannot figure out is how to have the user type the pageid into a field and hit enter. From there I can turn it into a variable and inject it into the URL.

Krabina (talkcontribs)

I was looking for the same thing. Guess you have to use the Extension:PageForms for this (Query form).

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Pressing the 'create' button when the input box is empty and a 'prefix' is set will lead to the editor editing the prefix.

This behaviour is undesirable. A notification should inform that user that a page with an empty name can not be created.

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Loman87 (talkcontribs)


I have a question about the parameter width: is there a trick to render it proportional to the screen dimension? E.g., in my wiki I have an InputBox on the homepage and it has the width parameter set to 100, which is good for the most of desktop screen. But, if I visit the homepage from a mobile device, the width turns to be too wide.

I tried to include the inputbox in a div, setting style etc., but the final result doesn't change.

Any ideas?



Kaganer (talkcontribs)

Please try this code:

<div style="width:auto;">

In my browser this is worked.

Loman87 (talkcontribs)


I tried but it didn't work for me. Have you tried to connect to your wiki via a mobile device?

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Kiwi-wi (talkcontribs)


It seems the visual editor option does not work, for the create type.

the  'useve=1' parameter should open the visual editor.

Possible bugfix start in Inputbox.classes.php :

By commenting out the following lines everything seems fine :

//      $htmlOut .= Html::hidden( 'preload', $this->mPreload ); (line 393)

//      $htmlOut .= Html::hidden( 'editintro', $this->mEditIntro ); (line 397)

I think those may be iffed depending on the $mUseVE parameter


ManosHacker (talkcontribs)

The known bug relies on the prefix parameter, which is not passed to the VE call from InputBox. Are you using the prefix parameter?

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How to change "save changes, show preview, show changes" button design

1 (talkcontribs)

How to change the default design of "save changes, show preview, show changes" button on newly installed wiki to the inputbox design used by both MediaWiki and Wikipedia on the action=edit page? (It's a lot more user-friendly)

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Evolution and evolvability (talkcontribs)

Is there any way to implement an option to choose between basepage prefixes in the same way that |namespaces= can search a specific namespace?

I would like to be able use the |type=create option with a preset list of prefixes, e.g.:

type = create
prefixes = Option1/**, Option2/, Option3/

For context, I'm looking to include on v:WikiJournal_Preprints the following:

type        = create
buttonlabel = Create pre-print
placeholder = Pre-print title
prefixes      = WikiJournal of Medicine/**, WikiJournal of Science/, WikiJournal of Humanities/, WikiJournal of Extra/
break       = no
preload     = WikiJournal_Preprints/preload_draft

Would that be something possible to implement?

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Search for articles that start with a string.

Marianian (talkcontribs)


How do I configure InputBox to search for articles that begin with a specific string in the main namespace, such as "NationStates Issue No. " (with a trailing space)?

Best, Marianian

Quiddity (WMF) (talkcontribs)

Are you trying to setup either:

  • Just pre-made searches for a specific string?
    • this is what you describe above. It would be easiest to just give plain search links, e.g. example search.)
  • An inputbox that enables users to add text to the pre-made search string?
Marianian (talkcontribs)


A NSindex (NSindex.net) user recently suggested to me that I find a way to bring up articles for any given issue just by typing a three digit issue number.

Articles for each issue follow the format "NationStates Issue No. [number]", e.g. "NationStates Issue No. 100" for the article about the 100th issue on NationStates.

The idea that I am trying to achieve is that, for example, when someone types "100" and clicks "search" or something, the article "NationStates Issue No. 100" automatically comes up. It’s like "I feel lucky" except with wiki articles on NSindex.

Best, Marianian

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Crysis19 (talkcontribs)

I'm not sure why but using InputBox is breaking things. I didn't realize it until I go to create a Subpage and see how broken it is.

A simple Inputbox, using preload=Template:Characters creates the page Tester. On this page is a slash-removal link to a subpage History.

The goal is when viewing the page Tester, the link will read as History, and take you to Tester/History when clicked.

What happens instead is the link takes you to /History instead. Which is a subpage of nothing. If you try going to Tester/History through the browser address bar, and put PARENTPAGE on that afterwards, it gives you TEMPLATE:PARENTPAGE as a result.

Does anyone know how to fix this? Or will I have to go back to creating pages with the subst template feature instead?

Crysis19 (talkcontribs)

Actually, more testing seems to make this a flaw in MediaWiki itself.

As I just created a page "Tester2" with subst:Template:Characters in it. And now it's being seen as a template page instead of it's own page. Because the subpage links do not work, and it's parent is Template:ParentPage.

So I'm not sure what is wrong. It seems like something is royally screwing up my MW installation.

Because going directly to a page named "Jason", creating it, typing in for a link to a subpage named History, and previewing it, and it doesn't work right.

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