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Quiddity (WMF) (talkcontribs)

I was trying to add preloadtitle= to the docs. It's explained and works as part of the URL at Manual:Creating pages with preloaded text#Loading the preload file, e.g. https://www.mediawiki.org/w/wiki.phtml?title=Project:Sandbox&action=edit&section=new&preloadtitle=New_Header - but it doesn't seem to be working properly as part of the inputbox...

Can anyone explain what I'm doing wrong?


Cpiral (talkcontribs)

Whoever has heard of "preloadtitle" is less likely to be able to suggest an answer. I've heard of "preload".

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Skip to a particular point in a category

CodeCat (talkcontribs)

MediaWiki allows you to skip to a particular point in a category by using the URL. For example, https://en.wiktionary.org/w/index.php?title=Category:English_lemmas&pagefrom=bear skips to the word "bear" in te category. It would be incredibly useful (vital even, for a dictionary) to be able to do this more easily. Could a new inputbox type be added that lets you fill in the term to skip to in a category?

Ciencia Al Poder (talkcontribs)

That would probably be easier to do as a JavaScript gadget, so it's available on all category pages without the need to add an input box manually on every page.

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Is there a way to look for/create pages with suffixes, as in prefix? If not, I don't suppose it would be a viable implementation? It'd be hella useful in some case.

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Button color/class and new section heading

Dvorapa (talkcontribs)

I'd like to propose two new functions to this extension. The first is a button color/class option. E.g. green button could be managed by "buttoncolor=green" or by 'buttonclass=mw-ui-progressive". The second is the level of the new section heading. E.g. 3rd heading could be managed by "headinglevel=3" What do you think? Could they be added?

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Base (talkcontribs)

Are other (besides the one about title prefix) search options described on Help:CirrusSearch supported? Particularry I'm interested in incategory: and hastemplate: support. --Base (talk) 02:27, 1 August 2015 (UTC)

JeremiPlazas (talkcontribs)

I second that. Was just looking into that functionality.

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preloadparams[] Doesn't work (version 1.24.1)

Dshinks (talkcontribs)

Hi All,

I'm using InputBox for the first time. All seems to be working well apart from one feature: preloadparams[].

InputBox text


In the preload page I'm calling, I'm expecting it to replace the string $1 with the text abcde, but it just outputs $1.

Ideally, I want to pass in a category string (like [[category:categoryname]]) but I thought I'd just start off simple to get it working.

Any ideas where I'm going wrong?


Ciencia Al Poder (talkcontribs)

You're not going wrong, but apparently support for preloadparams was added for the 1.25 version of InputBox and it's not present in 1.24

Doing a grep of the code of 1.24 doesn't match anything for preloadparams, but for 1.25 it does. I've fixed the compatibility column. (talkcontribs)

The code to support preloadparams[] was added before the extension was forced into 1.24. I've got it running on 1.23 at the moment.

I had to pull the extension with git and force it back to the commit where support was added:

git clone https://git.wikimedia.org/git/mediawiki/extensions/InputBox.git
cd InputBox 
git reset --hard 474dd170d24e3710144a5ae0a4ddfea1b520773e

No idea about the stability. Its version shows up in Special:Version as "0.3.0 (474dd17) 01:47, 13 November 2014".

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Possible to use with new MediaWiki styles?

TFlanagan-WMF (talkcontribs)

Hi, is it possible to integrate the MediaWiki styles with this extension? Would be nice to figure that out or get some pointers!

This post was posted by TFlanagan-WMF, but signed as Tflanagan (WMF).

AKoval (WMF) (talkcontribs)

+1 to Tighe's question.

We'd love to be able to have inputboxes look like mw-ui-buttons.

Please see bug:61526.


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Is there a way to hack this so that the search field can be larger vertically?

Subfader (talkcontribs)

Use CSS. E.g. #searchform input {width:250px}. (talkcontribs)

I only want to affect the inputbox form. Not the mediawiki search form. Sorry for the confusion. I should have typed "How do I make the inpubox field vertically taller" I don't know how to use CSS to target the extension

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Using to add text (such as user for participant list)

Kghbln (talkcontribs)

Anyone had any luck using the Extension to create a "sign-up" style setup where someone clicks the button and sees the edit screen with the sig tildes preloaded? The closest I've seen is using it to create "profiles" with the username appearing as a header.

This post was posted by Kghbln, but signed as Varnent.

Mikołka (talkcontribs)

It quite easy to do. New entries are added at the bottom. A quick example:

editintro=Page_title/Intro <!-- Some instructions for users -->
page=Page_title <!-- Where to post -->




text1 {{{param1}}}
text2 {{{param2}}}
Varnent (talkcontribs)

Great! I set that up here: Project:WikiProject Extensions/Participants

Only problem now is that you have to click save twice since we don't want a subject/header. Any way to disable that in the settings?

Mikołka (talkcontribs)

Each registered user can set it up in the Prefrences/Editing, Advanced options: Prompt me when entering a blank edit summary. I think it should be now turned off by default.

Varnent (talkcontribs)

That makes sense.  :) I'll tweak the messages to reflect that.

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Tinaj1234 (talkcontribs)

I am currently working on a Newsletter extension for Mediawiki ( GSoC project - Newsletter extension ). I along with my mentors planned on the minimum viable product for the extension, and InputBox would really come in handy for the Newsletter extension - while creating a new newsletter that is.

I was wondering if there were any examples of other extensions incorporating InputBox. If yes, could you list those extensions ?

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