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Below are some notable known bugs, and major planned features, for Semantic Forms.

You can also see a listing of bugs and requested features in the Bugzilla Semantic Forms listing.

Known bugs[edit | edit source]

  • Files whose names contain non-Latin characters get those characters messed up when they are uploaded via forms - the files themselves are uploaded correctly, but the resulting text that shows up in the form is incorrect.
  • There is currently a bug in Semantic Forms in which a "field" tag that ends with more than three brackets in a row will not get parsed correctly. So, for instance, the following in a form would fail: "{{{field|date|default={{CURRENTTIME}}}}}". If you have such a field tag, you can simply insert a space at the end to get around this bug, like "{{{field|date|default={{CURRENTTIME}} }}}". (Inserting a "|" won't work, unfortunately - it has to be a space.)
  • If you use the default MediaWiki URL style, #formlink won't work with the "button" link type. Instead, you should use "post button".
  • The "mandatory" setting does not work within popup forms.
  • If you have "$wgHtml5 = false" in LocalSettings.php, the "listbox" input will show up as a dropdown instead.
  • If you're using Semantic MediaWiki with SQLStore3, there was a bug in some versions of SMW 1.8 that indirectly led to values in autocompletion, dropdowns and other inputs showing up more than once. If your version of SMW has this problem, you can fix it yourself by simply removing these two lines from includes/storage/SQLStore/SMW_SQLStore3_Readers.php:
                        // Don't use DISTINCT with text blobs: 
                        if ( $typeid == 'l' ) $usedistinct = false;
  • Since version 2.5.3, embedded query forms result in a UNIQ-QINU string being added to the page, and some elements may break (bug 49302).
  • In some (though not all) installations, having a "placeholder" parameter in textarea inputs leads to the placeholder text getting set as the actual input value, for Internet Explorer 10 and 11; which seems to be due to this IE bug.
  • Extra JavaScript-based functionality, like expandable elements and tooltips, don't work in multiple-instance templates for instances that are newly-added by the user within the form.
  • If you have the Configure extension installed, some combination of configurations may cause a JavaScript error which causes forms to break. If that happens, the best approach may simply be to un-install Configure.

Planned features[edit | edit source]

  • allow #autoedit to add to and remove from a list of values, instead of just overwriting the entire value, possibly using notation like "Participants+=Joe User"
  • more support for getting input values from external sources, adding to the existing "values from url" parameter
  • an editable-grid input for multiple-instance templates, possibly using the jqGrid Javascript library (click on "Row Editing > Input types")
  • add handling in forms for the "Sight this revision" checkbox, if the FlaggedRevs extension is installed
  • a new input type, maybe called "progressive select", based on the "Multiple Select" option found here (this may fit better in the Semantic Forms Inputs extension)
  • make use of the Validator extension for parser functions
  • testing scripts using Selenium, modeled after SMW's own usage
  • add support for editing calls to Lua modules, made using the Scribunto extension, if/when that extension starts getting widespread usage
  • allow for the use of the VisualEditor in textareas
  • support for showing a "display value", instead of or in addition to the page name, for dropdowns, autocompletion, etc. that have a list of pages with auto-generated or otherwise un-useful names. This could potentially be done with a "display property=" parameter that takes in the name of a property that holds the display value.

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