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Below are some notable known bugs, and major planned features, for Semantic Forms.

You can also see a listing of bugs and requested features in the Phabricator Semantic Forms listing.

Known bugs[edit | edit source]

  • Files whose names contain non-Latin characters get those characters messed up when they are uploaded via forms - the files themselves are uploaded correctly, but the resulting text that shows up in the form is incorrect.
  • There is currently a bug in Semantic Forms in which a "field" tag that ends with more than three brackets in a row will not get parsed correctly. So, for instance, the following in a form would fail: "{{{field|date|default={{CURRENTTIME}}}}}". If you have such a field tag, you can simply insert a space at the end to get around this bug, like "{{{field|date|default={{CURRENTTIME}} }}}". (Inserting a "|" won't work, unfortunately - it has to be a space.)
  • If you use the default MediaWiki URL style, #formlink won't work with the "button" link type. Instead, you should use "post button".
  • The "mandatory" setting does not work within popup forms.
  • If you have "$wgHtml5 = false" in LocalSettings.php, the "listbox" input will show up as a dropdown instead.
  • In some (though not all) installations, having a "placeholder" parameter in textarea inputs leads to the placeholder text getting set as the actual input value, for Internet Explorer 10 and 11; which seems to be due to this IE bug.
  • Extra JavaScript-based features, like expandable elements and #info tooltips, don't work in multiple-instance templates for instances that are newly-added by the user within the form.
  • If you have the Configure extension installed, some combination of configurations may cause a JavaScript error which causes forms to break. If that happens, the best approach may simply be to un-install Configure.

Planned features[edit | edit source]

  • allow #autoedit to add to and remove from a list of values, instead of just overwriting the entire value, possibly using notation like "Participants+=Joe User"
  • an editable-grid input for multiple-instance templates, possibly using the jqGrid Javascript library (click on "Row Editing > Input types")
  • add handling in forms for the "Sight this revision" checkbox, if the FlaggedRevs extension is installed
  • make use of the Validator extension for parser functions
  • testing scripts using Selenium, modeled after SMW's own usage
  • add support for editing calls to Lua modules, made using the Scribunto extension, if/when that extension starts getting widespread usage
  • allow for the use of the VisualEditor in textareas (this may require VisualEditor supporting the editing of sections of a page, something it cannot yet handle)

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