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An example of a schema used by EventLogging for data modeling.

The EventLogging Workshop was a half-day event hosted at the Wikimedia Foundation for MediaWiki developers, analysts and other interested parties to learn about the use of EventLogging to instrument MediaWiki for data collection.

Thursday 3/7, 1.30pm-5pm (after the March Monthly Metrics Meeting lunch)
Collab space, 6th floor, Wikimedia Foundation
Video recording


The workshop will be organized into a series of short tutorials (15 min presentation + 5 min QA) followed by a hands-on hacking session. The tutorials will be streamed for remote attendees via a Google Hangout (a link will be shared via the mailing lists immediately before the workshop starts). Coffee, cookies and snacks will be served during and after the break.

1.30-3.00. EventLogging tutorial (streamed)
Intro and rationale (Dario Taraborelli)
From an idea to a data model: how to design a schema (Maryana Pinchuk)
Instrumenting MediaWiki, collecting and validating EventLogging data (Ori Livneh)
Accessing, QA'ing and analyzing EventLogging data (Dario Taraborelli)
3.00-3.30 Coffee break
Coffee, cookies and snacks
3.30-5.00 Hacking session
Learn how to use EventLogging

To get a head start on the workshop, we suggest you add the EventLogging extension to your MediaWiki development environment, see mw:Extension:EventLogging#Developer setup.

Local attendees[edit]

If you are coming to the office for the workshop, please check in on the 3rd floor first before you join us in the Collab Space on the 6th floor.

Remote attendees[edit]

Keep an eye on the mailing lists or this page for the Google Hangout link that will be shared around 1pm PST. We will be using the #wikimedia-e3 IRC channel on Freenode for questions and remote participation.


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