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نرم‌افزار ویرایش فعلی در ویکی‌های ویکی‌مدیا
ابزار ویرایش نماگرفت سال سکو یادداشت‌ها
the default MediaWiki editor, which is an HTML ‎<textarea>
Screenshot of the HTML textarea
2003 Desktop and mobile This does not have a toolbar. It can be seen when JavaScript is disabled, or when "نوارابزار ویرایش فعال شود" is disabled in ترجیحات.
WikiEditor (2010 wikitext editor)
یک نماگرفت از ویرایشگر ویکی
2010 دسکتاپ This can be seen when "نوارابزار ویرایش فعال شود" is enabled in ترجیحات.
Screenshot showing VisualEditor's visual mode
2012 دسکتاپ و موبایل A rich-text WYSIWYG editing system
ویرایشگر ویکی‌متن ۲۰۱۷
Screenshot of VisualEditor's built-in wikitext mode
2017 دسکتاپ A mode within Extension:VisualEditor to edit wiki markup.
Proofread Page
2006 دسکتاپ Used at the Wikisources
Screenshot of wikEd
2006 دسکتاپ An entirely volunteer-supported wikitext editor. This is generally run as a gadget or user script, but it is run as an extension on some non-Wikimedia wikis.
Screenshot of CodeMirror
2017 Desktop and mobile This is used inside inside WikiEditor or 2017 editor when syntax highlighting is enabled ().
Screenshot of the code editor
2011 دسکتاپ This is used for editing JavaScript and other code pages.
MobileFrontend 's wikitext editor
Screenshot of wikitext editing on Mobile Web
2013 موبایل
ترجمه محتوا
Screenshot of ContentTranslation's editor
2014 دسکتاپ
بحث‌های ساختارمند (قبلاً به عنوان جریان شناخته می‌شد)
Screenshot of a comment and the beginning of a reply to it in Structured Discussions
2013 دسکتاپ و موبایل Structured Discussions supports wikitext and visual modes.
New Topic Tool
2020 دسکتاپ (موبایل به‌زودی) An inline form for starting new talk page discussions. It is equipped with both Visual and Source modes.
Reply Tool
2020 دسکتاپ (موبایل به‌زودی) A tool for responding to specific talk page comments. Comments are signed and indented automatically. It is equipped with both Visual and Source modes.
Editor in the Android app
Screenshot of the editing interface on an Android phone
2014 موبایل
Editor in the iOS app
Screenshot of the editing interface on an iPhone
2014 موبایل
TemplateData editor
2014 دسکتاپ
Wikivoyage Listing Editor
2013 دسکتاپ Specialized JavaScript-based editing tool for inserting one of several templates at Wikivoyage
Convenient Discussions
2020 Desktop A volunteer-developed tool for discussions. Available as a gadget on some wikis.


نرم‌افزار ویرایش سابق در ویکی‌های ویکی‌مدیا
ابزار ویرایش نماگرفت سال سکو یادداشت‌ها
The 2006 JavaScript "classic" editor, Manual:EditPage.php
Screenshot of 2006 wikitext editor
2006–2018 دسکتاپ This was seen when the "showtoolbar" preference was enabled from 2006–2010. After that, it was only shown to users who disabled the "enhanced-toolbar" (2010 editor) preference. This editor was removed in MediaWiki 1.32. A similar toolbar is available as a volunteer-supported local gadget at some wikis.
ویرایشگر اصلی ویکی متنی MobileFrontend 2012–2014 موبایل This was a mobile-specific set of modifications to the 2003 desktop wikitext editor.

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