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Change page stability settings. Applies only to wikis with Extension:FlaggedRevs installed.


  • autoreview – Auto-review restriction.
Type: one of sysop, none
  • default – Default revision to show.
Type: one of latest, stable
  • expiry – Expiry for these settings. Type: string
  • reason – Reason. Type: string
  • review – Review this page. Type: bool
  • title – Title of page to be stabilized. Type: string
  • token – An edit token retrieved through prop=info. Type: string
  • watch – Watch this page. Type: string

Error codes[edit]

  • badtoken – Invalid token.
  • invalidtitle – Target page does not exist..
  • invalidtitle – Invalid title given..
  • invalidtitle – Title given does not correspond to a reviewable page..
  • mustbeposted – The stabilize module requires a POST request.
  • noapiwrite – Editing of this wiki through the API is disabled. Make sure the $wgEnableWriteAPI=true; statement is included in the wiki's LocalSettings.php file.
  • nodefault – The default parameter must be set.
  • notitle – The title parameter must be set.
  • notoken – The token parameter must be set.
  • notoken – The token parameter must be set.
  • readapidenied – You need read permission to use this module.
  • writeapidenied – You're not allowed to edit this wiki through the API.