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This page is a translated version of the page API:Parameter information and the translation is 72% complete.

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action=paraminfo で、モジュールやそのパラメーターの情報を取得できます。


  • modules: トップレベル モジュール名 (action パラメーターの値) または query+siteprop のような下位モジュールのリスト
  • helpformat: Format of help strings. 取りうる値: html, wikitext, raw, none (既定値: none) 1.25+
  • querymodules: クエリ モジュール名のリスト (propmetalist パラメーターの値) 代わりに modules=query+module を使用してください。 (1.25 以降廃止予定)
  • mainmodule: Get information about the main (top-level) module as well. 代わりに modules=main を使用してください。 型: bool 1.15+ (1.25 以降廃止予定)
  • pagesetmodule: Get information about the pageset module (providing titles and friends) as well. 代わりに modules=query を使用してください。 型: bool 1.15+ (1.25 以降廃止予定)
  • formatmodules: List of format module names (value of format parameter). 代わりに modules=format を使用してください。 取りうる値: see Data formats 1.19+ (1.25 以降廃止予定)

Getting information about action=parse , prop=info query submodule, and a bogus query module:


(main | paraminfo)

Obtain information about API modules.


List of module names (values of the action and format parameters, or main). Can specify submodules with a +, or all submodules with +*, or all submodules recursively with +**.

Separate values with | or alternative. Maximum number of values is 50 (500 for bots).

Format of help strings.

One of the following values: html, wikitext, raw, none
Default: none

List of query module names (value of prop, meta or list parameter). Use modules=query+foo instead of querymodules=foo.

Values (separate with | or alternative): abusefilters, abuselog, allcategories, alldeletedrevisions, allfileusages, allimages, alllinks, allmessages, allpages, allredirects, allrevisions, alltransclusions, allusers, authmanagerinfo, babel, backlinks, betafeatures, blocks, categories, categoryinfo, categorymembers, centralnoticelogs, checkuser, checkuserlog, cirrusbuilddoc, cirrusdoc, codecomments, codepaths, coderevisions, codetags, contributors, deletedrevisions, deletedrevs, description, duplicatefiles, embeddedin, extdistbranches, extdistrepos, extlinks, extracts, exturlusage, featureusage, filearchive, filerepoinfo, fileusage, flowinfo, gadgetcategories, gadgets, globalallusers, globalblocks, globalgroups, globalpreferences, globalrenamestatus, globalusage, globaluserinfo, imageinfo, images, imageusage, info, iwbacklinks, iwlinks, langbacklinks, langlinks, languagestats, links, linkshere, linterrors, linterstats, logevents, mapdata, messagecollection, messagegroups, messagegroupstats, messagetranslations, mmsites, mostviewed, mystashedfiles, notifications, oath, pageimages, pagepropnames, pageprops, pageswithprop, pageterms, pageviews, prefixsearch, protectedtitles, querypage, random, readinglistentries, readinglists, recentchanges, redirects, references, revisions, search, siteinfo, siteviews, stashimageinfo, tags, templates, threads, tokens, transcludedin, transcodestatus, unreadnotificationpages, usercontribs, userinfo, users, videoinfo, watchlist, watchlistraw, wbentityusage, wblistentityusage, wikibase, wikisets
Maximum number of values is 50 (500 for bots).

Get information about the main (top-level) module as well. Use modules=main instead.


Get information about the pageset module (providing titles= and friends) as well.


List of format module names (value of format parameter). Use modules instead.

Values (separate with | or alternative): json, jsonfm, none, php, phpfm, rawfm, xml, xmlfm