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Find all pages that link to the given interwiki link. Can be used to find all links with a prefix, or all links to a title (with a given prefix). Using neither parameter is effectively "All IW Links".


  • iwblprefix: Prefix for the interwiki. Type: string
  • iwbltitle: Interwiki link to search for. Must be used with iwblprefix. Type: string
  • iwblcontinue: When more results are available, use this to continue. Type: string
  • iwbllimit: How many total pages to return. No more than 500 (5000 for bots) allowed. Type: limit (Default: 10)
  • iwblprop: Which properties to get. Possible values: iwprefix, iwtitle (Default: none)
    • iwprefix: Adds the prefix of the interwiki.
    • iwtitle: Adds the title of the interwiki.
  • iwbldir: The direction in which to list. Possible values: ascending, descending (Default: ascending) 1.20+

Error Codes[edit]

Code Info
missingparam The prefix parameter must be set.