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Enumerate all deleted files sequentially


  • fafrom: The image title to start enumerating from
  • facontinue: When more results are available, use this to continue 1.20+
  • fato: The image title to stop enumerating at 1.18+
  • faprefix: Search for all image titles that begin with this value
  • fadir: The direction in which to list Possible values: ascending, descending. (Default: ascending)
  • falimit: How many images to return in total No more than 500 (5000 for bots) allowed. (Default: 10)
  • fasha1: SHA1 hash of image. Overrides fasha1base36 1.18+
  • fasha1base36: SHA1 hash of image in base 36 (used in MediaWiki) 1.18+
  • faprop: What image information to get. (Default: timestamp)
    • sha1: Adds SHA-1 hash for the image
    • timestamp: Adds timestamp for the uploaded version
    • user: Adds user who uploaded the image version
    • size: Adds the size of the image in bytes and the height, width and page count (if applicable)
    • dimensions: Alias for size
    • description: Adds description the image version
    • parseddescription: Parse the description on the version 1.18+
    • mime: Adds MIME of the image
    • mediatype: Adds the media type of the image 1.20+
    • metadata: Lists Exif metadata for the version of the image
    • bitdepth: Adds the bit depth of the version
    • archivename: Adds the file name of the archive version for non-latest versions 1.20+

Error Codes[edit]

Code Info
permissiondenied You don't have permission to view deleted file information.