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Get a list of pages that link to a certain URL, à la Special:Linksearch


  • euprop: Which properties to get. (Default: ids|title|url)
    • ids: Page ID of the linking page.
    • title: Title of the linking page.
    • url: URL being linked to.
  • eucontinue: Used for continuing a previous request.
  • euprotocol: Protocol of the URL. Possible values: listed in $wgUrlProtocols . (Default: http if euquery is set, otherwise all protocols. Protocol-relative (//) returned in http and https.)
  • euquery: The URL to search for, without the protocol. * can be used as a wildcard. If omitted, all external links will be listed, filtered by euprotocol, if provided. MediaWiki versions 1.11 and 1.12 abort if euquery is omitted.
  • eunamespace: Only list links from pages in these namespaces.
  • eulimit: Maximum amount of pages to list. No more than 500 (5000 for bots) allowed. (Default: 10)
  • euexpandurl: Expand protocol-relative URLs with the canonical protocol. 1.21+


Get a list of pages linking to slashdot.org