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To send an email, an email token is required. This token is equal to the edit token and the same for all recipients, but changes at every login. Email tokens can be obtained via action=query&meta=tokens , or by using the following method:

Obtaining an email token

Sending email to users[edit]

You can send email to users who have a confirmed email address with action=emailuser. Sending email is subject to rate limits .


  • target: User to send email to
  • subject: The subject of the message
  • text: The message
  • token: The token obtained in the previous request. Take care to encode the + as %2B
  • ccme: If set, a copy of the email will be sent to you


In this example, all parameters are passed in a GET request just for the sake of simplicity. However, action=emailuser requires POST requests; GET requests will cause an error.

Sending an email to User:Catrope

Possible errors[edit]

In addition to the usual stuff :

Code Info
cantsend You are not logged in, you do not have a confirmed email address, or you are not allowed to send email to other users, so you cannot send email.
blockedfrommail You have been blocked from sending email.
usermaildisabled User email has been disabled
notarget You have not specified a valid target for this action.
noemail This user has not specified a valid email address.
This user has chosen not to receive email from other users.

Checking emailable status[edit]

Before trying to send an email, it is recommended to check if the user is emailable first. To do this, you can execute a list query on the user (or several users at once). Here is an example using Ajax:

new mw.Api().get( {
  action: 'query',
  list: 'users',
  ususers: mw.config.get( 'wgTitle' ),
  usprop: 'emailable',
  rawcontinue: ''
} ).done( function( getEmailable ) {
  alert( ( getEmailable.query.users[ 0 ][ 'emailable' ] !== undefined ) ? 'emailable' : 'not emailable' );
} );

If you are testing from a client-side script, it is also possible to simply check for the existence of the t-emailuser list item:

emailable = $( '#t-emailuser' ).length ? true : false;


(main | emailuser)
  • This module requires read rights.
  • This module requires write rights.
  • This module only accepts POST requests.
  • Source: MediaWiki
  • License: GPL-2.0-or-later

Email a user.


User to send email to.

This parameter is required.

Subject header.


Mail body.

This parameter is required.

Send a copy of this mail to me.

Type: boolean (details)

A "csrf" token retrieved from action=query&meta=tokens

This parameter is required.
Send an email to user WikiSysop with the text Content.
api.php?action=emailuser&target=WikiSysop&text=Content&token=123ABC [open in sandbox]