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List all transclusions (pages embedded using {{x}}), including non-existing.

This module is part of API:Alllinks.

Added in gerrit:40559.


  • atcontinue: When more results are available, use this to continue.
  • atfrom: The title of the transclusion to start enumerating from.
  • atto: The title of the transclusion to stop enumerating at.
  • atprefix: Search for all transclusion titles that begin with this value.
  • atunique: Only show distinct transclusion titles. Cannot be used with atprop=ids. When used as a generator, yields target pages instead of source pages.
  • atprop: What pieces of information to include. (Default: title)
    • title: Adds the title of the transclusion
    • ids: Adds the pageid of the transcluding page. (Cannot be used with atunique).
  • atnamespace: The namespace number to enumerate. (Default: 10 (the Template: namespace))
  • atlimit: How many total items to return. (Default: 10)
  • atdir: The direction in which to list (Default: ascending)
    • ascending: List from A to Z.
    • descending: List from Z to A.


To count the number of pages which transclude a template, to decide to protect it above a certain number.

List all links to talk pages whose name starts with Talk:API