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Wikimedia Research/Goals/DRFY17Q4

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Goal setting process owner: Abbey Ripstra [ Wikimedia Research goals overview ]

Objective Key result Dependency ETA Status

Generative research

  • Structured Data for Commons
    • Interviews with GLAM representatives to identify user requirements for new batch upload features on Wikimedia Commons
  • New editor experience
    • Analysis of prior research to bring forward what we know and don't know about new editor retention.
    • Design and implementation of contextual inquiry in South Korea and Czech Republic to learn more about new editor retention in mid sized wikis.
    • Author and share findings from the research
  • Movement Strategy: Consultation and ad hoc support for contextual inquiries in Brazil and Indonesia to inform Movement Strategy, track D.
  • Structured Data Program
  • Editing team and Reboot
  • Movement Strategy Track D team and Reboot
EOQ In progress In progress

Evaluative research

  • User evaluation of Recommender systems
    • Identify a set of recommendation-driven features to evaluate in FY17/18, define evaluation goals, methods, and timelines
  • New readers
    • Move offline concepts toward usability and usefulness for new readers, consulting with Mobile Web team as needed for evaluative research.
    • Contribute design research perspectives and collaboration with Awareness and Affordability tracks as needed.
  • Research & Data
  • Scoring Platform (ORES)
  • New Readers team
EOQ In progress In progress

Research communication

  • perform stakeholder interviews and draft key content for research landing page
  • Technical writer (contractor)
EOQ In progress In progress