Wikimedia Product/Analytics Infrastructure

Part of Better Use of Data FY2019/2020

The Product Analytics Infrastructure Working Group began work at the start of FY 2019/2020. Its mission is to ensure the engineering goals of the Better Use of Data program under the FY2019/2020 Annual Plan. The working group is a cross-team initiative primarily involving members of Product Analytics and Product Infrastructure, but also members of Analytics Engineering and a number of other teams.

The purpose of this working group is to deliver an improved product analytics capability for product teams, built to satisfy the needs identified during the survey phase undertaken in Better Use of Data FY2018/2019. It will make use of new technology developed during the Modern Event Platform program in the Technology department, as well as develop key software and infrastructure specific to the needs of the Product department.

Major Tasks[edit]

Event Platform Client Libraries. Collects all tasks related to the development of new or revised client libraries for the Event Platform. In particular, the development of a specification that will support production of portable events across implementations, and a test suite in multiple languages that validate compliance with the specification. This task also includes documentation of software and usage guidelines.

  • T228177 Event Platform Client Library Specification (EPC-LS)
  • T228178 Event Platform Client Test Suite (EPC-TS)
  • T228179 Event Platform Client: Android
  • T228180 Event Platform Client: iOS
  • T228181 Event Platform Client: JavaScript
  • T228182 Event Platform Client Documentation

Better Use of Data. Tracks all tasks to be done under the Better Use of Data program in FY2019/2020. This includes the data engineering work being undertaken by this working group, but the program is much broader, encompassing a wide variety of improvements across teams and departments. The work is led by Product Analytics. Key goals are to improve data access, awareness and training, documentation, data quality, and various other process improvements.

Modern Event Platform. Tracks all tasks to be done under the Modern Event Platform technical project, which is led by Analytics Engineering. It's goal is, as it says, to re-architect the Event Platform and modernize it. This involves a number of new services and data formats. The primary goal of this working group is to upgrade the Product Analytics systems to be compatible with Modern Event Platform.

Upcoming tasks (Q2-Q4)[edit]

  • Event Platform Schema Registry UI
  • Event Platform Stream Configuration Service UI
  • Client-side error logging (T226986)
  • Development Guidelines and Checklists
  • Test Environments for new components
  • Event Platform Documentation


Slide deck Better Use of Data Stakeholder Meeting, outlining plans that formed this working group.